#931 – i won’t have it

Ah right - one more fire reference for good measure.

What a wild stretch of the imagination in 2016: closing a business for the benefit of its employees. Could Olly's behavior convince anyone, in 2020, that life in America comes before capital? This exchange is a little pulling back of the curtain, with Eve's summary of the job and an inventorying of their relationship. Does Olly care about Eve? Did he ever? There are glimmers of parental concern, a "ya winning son?" sort of interest in Eve's love life. But it all exists under the assumption that his hypothetical daughter will follow him unequivocally, take the fall for him, and forgive.

5 thoughts on “#931 – i won’t have it

  1. "Stoke" your confidence. ^_^ And you said the previous fire reference was the last one.

    1. Also the intensifying background in the second panel resembling the orange glow of a fire, though that could be unintentional?

  2. I still don't quite understand Olly's pokemon reference there at the end.

    1. Catching a break.

      1. Ahhh, that makes sense.

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