#924 – this great sense of calm

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  1. oh my god this is the most amazing thing however many years in the making… as an op reader i am feeling very #BLESSED

    1. also, of all the characters in this comic to be showing up regularly to therapy, i would have never guessed it would be our scrappy ex-dealer william. i'm honestly tickled and enamored by his character development.

  2. I see he still keeps up with his "prescription"

  3. "Just a touch of the Consequences" is an amazing line. It reminds me of Achewood!

    1. Also, the posture and smug line in panel 6 is straight up Ray.

      Great, now I really want to see a Gran/Onstad collaboration.

  4. I. Am. Losing. My. Shit.
    I am hysterical.

    Please don't break Will's heart 🙁

    I've been wanting this to work for so long and now that they're both getting closure, please make it work.



    (but srsly, I'm so pumped by all of this character development)

  7. Oooooh please work out please work out please work out
    Eve and Will should be happy, and happiness is greater when two people are together!
    I just want things to turn out okay between them..
    So excited to see where this is going, and also super tense!

    All my dreams for Octopus Pie are coming true!

  9. Oh Will… If you only knew how similar you both are.

  10. I aspire to be awesome enough to intimidate a man. Sexually.


    Edit: Had to come back in here to add more to this.

    I'm really interested in Will's backstory. Divorced parents, oldest sibling? Who is this Mini Will?!

  12. Wait, why does Eve intimidate Will sexually? When they've never fucked?

    1. Perhaps a refresh is in order?

      1. Yep, they have definitely had sex. Also, in the comic right before that you can pretty well see him being intimidated — he needs a minute to in the bathroom to get his shit together.

        1. Oh wow, I was wrong! (thanks for the refresher) I've totes gone cowgirl style before haha

          In this case, hoping Eve+Will works out…. It feels ominous that despite longing after Eve for a while apparently Will doesn't know enough about her. :/

      2. Didn't they have sex way before that in chapter 6? http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-12-07/081-sounds-p

        1. It seems like it!

          But speaking of revisiting that chapter,
          how DOES Eve feel about Will these days?

          What if this is an issue all over again? Although I'd think with the character development and living with Hannah for so long, she'd be more open to weed-dealing http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-12-12/083-borough-

        2. Will doesn't deal anymore. He's in business with Hanna.

  13. Will's face in panel 3 is giving me life

  14. Hmmm… So he did get a pink starfish tattoo? Risky and amazing. I am shipping away.

    1. I don't think we've seen that, but that would be amazing.

      1. A couple of pages back someone asked if he was getting one. The edge of tattoo that we have seen does appear like it could be.

  15. I'm a little concerned that we're seeing the real beginning of the end of this comic strip, here, which makes me sad. Lots of thread tying up has been happening. But Will and Eve would make me pretty happy. Curious as always to see how it all goes!

    1. I think she has said this is the last (long) chapter.


  17. Man, Meredith you are cranking out these comics! I went away for a week and came back to see 5 new comics! It made my day! I also love love love the direction of this arc. I cannot wait to see how Will will confess his feelings to Eve.

  18. I was the best version of myself once.
    Wasn't good enough. 😛

  19. That is a good therapist right there

  20. Wait… did we ever know that Will was the oldest sibling of his family, and that his parents were divorced?

    1. Nah I don't think so. That was our little (ironic) reveal for this week.

  21. god will is so hot.
    god damn it. i didn't even know i had a type

  22. I reeeeally like where this is going, but I have an issue: "I haven't even seen her since I started with you"? How long has that been? And is that healthy towards the other person? I get that he wants to get his shit together properly before taking another step (been there), but unexplained absence is usually construed as rejection. Also, including the person you consider your partner in your development/change can be very good for both. Not necessaily actively, just as a support, someone to count on. These two know each other really well but are still lacking the courage to be fully vulnerable with one another. So fucking real :,(
    Aaalso, how long does Will think this will take? Therapy is a process, not an instant solution. You can sometimes feel the effects quite early on, but it usually takes months, and more likely years, to chanve thigs. Plus he seems to have quite deeply rooted issues here, nothing too light.
    So parking Eve on the side doesn't seem like good news. Apart from the fact she's been up to her own thing -la la laaa. So basically what they need is honesty to start something more authentic, but when she tells him about Park, how he reacts can be a game-changer. Trust and self-confidence can be lost real fast in one conversation, especially if communication is poor. A lot of maturity called for. The question is: are they finally there yet? (Please yes)
    I wanted to say I didn't know if Eve was in a good place to have a serious relationship with anyone after Park's final dismissal, but fuck it! She deserves to be happy and have someone who actually respects and loves her as she is. She's more than ready and I believe she likes him that much too. The best thing I can bet on is that Meredith will leave us with the sense of a blooming new kind of relationahip developing between Will and her after a big argument, but which, for once in their lives, won't be left unfinished, and unexplained to stew in each of their separate heads, to work together.

    I'm gonna miss it soo bad when it's gone, I've frown with the characters in so many ways, and it has helped me understand retroactively many things, and feel understood just in the right way on so many occasions. But these last few chapters are the sweetest, most amazing thing. Once again,thank you, talented artist, for sharing your beautiful story.

  23. Ps: I love Will's yellowy teeth, I do. Totally another consequence of the life ylu've lead, showing in small things around your 30s.

  24. Does all this talk about dying have anything to do with that awful "touch of the consequences" cough? I hope it's nothing…

  25. trapdooralligators

    so, legitimate question: when was the last time will and eve actually spoke to each other? i mean, how long had it been? i can't remember why they stopped to begin with (other than the girlfriend thang).

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