#917 – that bastard client

A clever ruse from Will, with many to follow! This is the 2nd to last story, very bittersweet all around. There's a lot of letting go in this one, a lot of deferring to a higher power, and a sharp contrast between impulsive and crafted decisions. Let's GO!

4 thoughts on “#917 – that bastard client

  1. Larry's "Are we killing him" line speaks to a kind of friend I've been lucky enough to have once or twice in my life. A blend of loyalty and up-for-anything bravado that makes for a perfect companionship in your twenties.

    1. Haha, I always read it as "Wait, wait, what are we doing here if we catch him??? What's the plan?!" But I like your interpretation better.

    2. Does this make Will and Larry the best-case-scenario version of Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner's characters in The Town?

  2. "which one?" goddamn i was relieved when will finally got his shit together enough to work with hannah; you gotta wonder how many times he had an encounter similar to the "fun fucker" party some arcs back.

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