#898 – churros

This was a pretty tense arc in its original run. Some immediately recognized the churros as a red flag, some were hopeful that a connection still existed between them, and some thought we'd been given no evidence one way or another. I didn't want to present a simple deception or any clear-cut intent. They are obviously still drawn together, and in some scenarios that might be enough to try a relationship again. Maybe, at least, they could come to some agreement about the past from here. But we already know what Marigold (or Will) would tell Eve about closure, if she would only listen.

5 thoughts on “#898 – churros

  1. It seems Park misses reminding Eve of how she can't get by without him.

  2. This coming after "someone who really /knows/ me like no one else" was always a bit of a, not red flag, but the moment I could tell that some of that sheen is coming off for Eve. It's a look outside the world she creates for herself. I remember having these glimpses myself. Sometimes you take it and run away, and sometimes you just let the sign pass you by…

  3. I've now googled these and discovered they aren't bunless hot dogs!

    Also I don't know why Eve would ever have stopped eating them, they sound *incredible*

    1. Fresh, yes. From a random lady dragging cart in a subway station untold hours after being fried, not so much.

  4. It's interesting when people are drawn to people who are bad for them. Myself included! I dated a guy who was a lot like Park (except not ambitious, so even worse lol). There was a kernel of something that seemed good and essential at the time, but also some toxic things and incompatibilities.
    I had to see for myself that being with him made me feel and act like a weaker person, and good relationships don't do that.

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