#897 – tell me again

Eve's relationship with Park never seemed all that sexy. It began awkwardly when they were young, and was maintained out of a perceived obligation to the past. Only forbidden reunions have ever brought out that spark, when they'd grown away from each other and the mystery had temporarily returned.


p.s. since you're here, and thank you for that, I just released a new trailer for the point & click adventure game I've been working on these past few years, Perfect Tides. You can watch it here.

18 thoughts on “#897 – tell me again

  1. Reading this now, I feel it in my bones he's also got someone in Chicago. Am I assuming the worst of him based off previous behavior? Yes I am.

  2. Ugh… you do such a good job getting me to loath Park. Such a slime ball. New trailer looks great!

  3. This always felt like Eve's sexiest moment in the comic and it's pretty true to form that it happens in the context of an awful relationship.

    1. Hey, I tried to upvote this but the buttons are like 3 pixels wide on mobile and, bafflingly, you can’t change a vote once it’s placed, so…sorry for the downvote. 🙁

      1. This has happened to me so many times, I'm so sorry good comments I've reduced to 0 🙁

  4. So excited for Perfect Tides! Congrats on all of the progress; it looks amazing.

  5. The game is looking awesome, Meredith! Great job at both capturing the aesthetic and feel of the DOS p&c games and making it feel modern and contemporary.

  6. I know that I felt very conflicted when this page first ran, but ever since the pandemic and not being able to see my SO for months due to living in different parts of the state, this page really captured that feeling of a good time once you're reunited.


    Perfect Tides is looking phenomenal!! I admittedly haven't really kept up with the game's progress since around when you announced it but I am so so excited to play it after having seen this! It looks like it touches on some stuff socially that has had me really excited about art lately. So glad you're still radiating your creative force out into the world, you're one of my favorite artists in any medium 🙂

    Also Jeff Rosenstock is a great pick for the trailer, one of my favorites!

  8. I really enjoyed/shared the utter horror in the comments section the first time this ran. Putting Eve in the same position she got swabbed in was a great choice to drive home how unsexy this is.

    1. This is an interesting take. Not sure if this was intentional. At any rate, it's not too obvious. There's a good reason those positions are similar in real life.

      1. It was, though I forgot about it. one of the reasons I appreciate the comments on the comments. 🙂

  9. This is not a new observation as a commenter on the original run pointed this out, but the final hotel bill slipped under the door is such great, subtle foreshadowing that Park's been here a while and has just finally gotten around to contacting Eve.

    1. Either that, or he hadn't planned on staying long at this particular hotel. Both answers are not good.

    2. I have lived a fair chunk of my adult life on planes and in hotels, and my reaction to the next few panels was… differently offended than the main? Like, Park is a jerk, but he's also bad at planning. What idiot schedules a booty call for a travel day? Maybe it's because I've literally never scheduled a booty call, so I'm missing how perfunctory they can be, but I wouldn't even schedule a haircut on a day I've got to fly.

      I get how people are offended by his emotional unavailability, and that's valid, but that's fairly normal in the world I live in. To me, though, he's a bad deal even as an emotionally distant but occasionally affectionate cash supply, which is the kind of "relationship" he's pitching with his lawyer success.

      It's these class struggle things, the illustration of striving and falling, that really kept me riveted through the first run.

  10. love to get a new perfect tides trailer at the same time as one of the most brutal parts of the comic begins. really evens the keel.

  11. Perfect Tides is looking great!

  12. I'm so excited for Perfect Tides. Everything from the setting to the art to the perfect use of Jeff Rosenstock on the soundtrack is telling me it's going to hit me right in the heart.

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