#879 – human lives are at stake

16 thoughts on “#879 – human lives are at stake

  1. It's always the interdimensional gateway, isn't it. =/ Good thing Jane's there!

  2. That girl that smiled at Jane earlier is still smiling when she sees Jane again

  3. Oh shoot, I forgot your comic was 1/100 sci-fi

    1. Don't forget 1/100 action movie. Eve leapt out a goddamn building. And exploded out of another.

  4. Well hey, it's super-sexy woman from http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-08-21/818-home/ … who is apparently in a permanent state of eyes-half-lidded amusement.

    Also, Jane needs to be aware that Mar is probably going to have times when the whole "being in a relationship with another woman" thing is weird, hard, or confusing for her. She's new to this, not an old pro. The right approach: tread with caution, listen a lot, give her space, and try not to fuck it up.

    1. I bet the guy speaking rn is the one who was tossing the beachball in thst comic, too.

    2. Regarding Sexy One-Eyed Smiler, did anyone else notice that Jane was sweatdropping while staring into her tits, then sweatdropping again while boggling back over her shoulder at her?

    3. Yes definitely super-sexy/come hither woman, beachball guy, and dog-walker from http://www.octopuspie.com/2015-08-21/818-home/ ! Anyone else recognize any others?

  5. is the interdimensional portal a short cut?

    Jane is so not prepared for this building.

  6. That feeling when you're reminded that Octopus Pie has no rules and can get weird at any moment.

  7. Come Hither girl in da house!

  8. Looks like Mar is about to have a lesson in "you thought your life was wierd?"

  9. I think this might help Mar. These guys have seen shit, and a same sex relationship isn't even going to register on their scale of weird. 🙂

  10. Agh, don't you just hate it when your interdimensional gateway suddenly breaks and then timespace gets all unstable and shaky around it? I've had to quickly patch mine twice this week already! What piece of junk!

  11. I love the little conversation bubbles in panel 3 poking their noses out the door.

  12. I loved that episode with the long take! What makes me go see it again and again is the makerspace and the elevated glass pool. You can say it's all weird but what I find extraordinarily weird is the presence of those two sections. And I love it!!

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