#876 – keeping a step ahead

Hey all, sorry for the slow updates! I've been busy getting the new books out to print. Things will be picking up though, and all Patreon page count quotas will be filled! This ain't no fly by night operation. Thanks to everyone who ordered a book directly from me! Those will begin shipping next week.

22 thoughts on “#876 – keeping a step ahead

  1. meredith ur killin me i can totally see myself in will and its making me think if thats a good thing
    as always ur a genius 😀

    greetings from mexico!!!

    1. Universal characters are always the best

  2. will displays two very different emotions here and yet they're both so relatable.

    especially the lollipop bit.

  3. "Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place."

  4. Long time reader, first time commenting. I've liked your portrayal of the drama people in theirs 20's-30's are facing these days, it's been both silly and at times very poignant and real. I like that, a nice mix of drama and comedy about a setting/topic near and dear to my heart (25 myself :D).

    THIS page though. Excellent, I'm studying to be a therapist myself (just got accepted into grad school for it too woohoo!) and I really like your portrayal of a therapist so far. It's pretty spot on, which is rare in media. Good job! If you ever want opinion/feedback from someone looking to enter this field (as reference material maybe? iunno) let me know.

  5. Fuck it Will, take THREE lollipops.

    1. he deserves them.

      for now.

    2. Hey, hey, let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
      Free lollipops is a precarious and slippery slope.

  6. Will has always been my identification character, but his happiness at lollipops makes me think Mer might actually be in my brain Being John Malkovich style.

  7. We all know Will has been sneaking extra lollipops anyway.

    1. yeah and now this takes all the thrill out of it

  8. I feel like this one captures the human spirit in its entirety.

  9. The awesomeness of deciding to see a shrink is so perfectly described these last strips.
    Recently I had a little bundle of extra money from a scholarship and I said no: I won't buy a fucking condo. I saved myself years of misery by investing in therapy! Yay for psychotherapy! ??? I can't wait to be 84 years old and high five myself about it.

  10. Hell, I take all the candy from my therapist's office.

  11. Clever. "You've always been able to do this, the only thing stopping you was thinking you couldn't."

  12. And now on to the important stuff: free LOLLIPOPS!

    Good old Will! 😀

  13. Next week: Will starts his new lollipop delivery business…

  14. "Why do you think you're only confronting them now?"
    "Because LOLLIPOPS!"

  15. Get them Willipops, gurl

  16. Is.. Will.. being.. flirty??

  17. Am I the only one thinking the therapist is suggesting TWO lollipops because she supects he might share the second one with somebody? I read the "Why are you confronting this now" as "Who are you afraid of adding into the pattern" and the subsequent bonus lollipop as a subtle indication she suspects he'll see someone.
    Then again, I usually over-analyze everything… 🙂

  18. No-one jumped on, "It's always been allowed"! Satisfying your own wants and needs has always been allowed, Will… You ARE allowed two relationship lollipops 😀

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