#847+ – officially i live for your every whim

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92 thoughts on “#847+ – officially i live for your every whim


    1. SAAAAAME! :3 They’re so cute together, I love this arc! Also, Eve turned into the magical shipping fairy which is the best.

  2. This is the single best thing I have ever read

  3. I can't handle how amazing Eve's expressions are in this. The turning into a faerie part? SO PERFECT

  4. Eve be like: bitch please, going faboulus! Love the design on this one!

  5. Eve has been becoming more and more hana while Hana has become more and more Eve over time.

    1. Yeah remember when Eve was super cynical and frowny most of the time? Whereas Hannah would get stoned and jump out windows and jeeezus what has happened to these characters.

      1. People change!

      2. Life is what.

      3. In the earlier strips, Eve just broke up with her crappy boyfriend (the one that came after Eve and Park's first break-up), while Hanna was in a loving relationship.

        Currently everything is sort of the opposite. Of course, it's more nuanced than that but that's what I can see. Plus, it's fun to see how dynamic these characters are and it feels really organic. Meredith is really a great story-teller. 🙂

  6. Froglike Eve on the counter in the last panel is a visual representation of the Octopus Pie readershiiiiiiiiiiiiip oh my GOD

    1. It totally reminds me of Ponyo! 😀

      1. thistemporarylifeblog

        She reminded me of Aogaeru from Spirited Away, personally <3

  7. I say this as a longtime fan whose favourite online comic is Octopus Pie:


    Brilliant characterization in every panel! Bravissimo!

  8. The diamond mouth in the second panel! What is it reminding me of?? Yotsuba?

    1. I don't know about that one specifically, but Eve is looking pretty Ponyo in this comic in general.

  9. Comics are over, it's not getting any better than this, everyone go home.

  10. I was looking at Eve's face in the previous comment and I was like "she ships it." GUESS I WAS MORE ACCURATE THAN I THOUGHT

    1. Eve doesn't just ship it, she insta-express-overnight-airmail ships it! The whole comic is amazing beyond words.

  11. This is great. 🙂

    For some reason Marek's expression of mild horror at Eve, in panel six, is killing me.

    1. "mild horror", I love it

    2. What about Mar's face in panel five ^^

  12. So much Ponyo on this page!


  13. PFFFFFT Eve is turning more and more into a literal cartoon character with each appearance she's making

  14. OMG! It's Fairy Ponyo Eve!!! <3

    1. Froglike Eve on the counter in the last panel is a visual representation of the Octopus Pie readershiiiiiiiiiiiiip oh my GOD

  15. And I love Marek's reaction, too. He is ultra adorable in the first frame. Perhaps he is referring to himself. 🙂

  16. Here’s hoping Marigold’s expression of good-humored-yet-slightly-creeped-out patience lasts…

    Also Eve, you need to harness that power for everyday use. Think of the savings on commuting!

  17. I love how Eve turns into a cartoon character whenever she gets really excited.

  18. I just keep looking at this, over and over, in joy and awe, and now there are tears in my eyes. Meredith Gran you are a treasure and a perfect cinnamon bun.

  19. this over abundance of marek eyes is somewhat unsettling but ultimately another thing that makes this page great

  20. Meredith, you outdo yourself with every page. This comic just gets better and better all the time. It's like a fine wine! 🙂


  21. This is my favorite OP page ever.

  22. I can't decide which part of this I like the most. It's amaaaaazing.

  23. This is soooo fantastic; the Eve drawings are so great.
    This is exactly how I feel when my friends start dating people as well, haha.


  25. i JUST started this comic and WANTED TO SAY YOUR STYLE IS AMAZING KEEP IT UP!!!

    1. oh to be experiencing this comic for the first time again. ENJOY!

  26. We are all eve here


  28. This is the best comic ever. Her expression and the "flappa flappa" are my favorite.

    1. Flappa Flappa made me laugh, I want fairy godmother eve on a mug/shirt/tattoo

      1. Or a Christmas ornament! ?

  29. Second panel is like me every morning. Must shirt.

  30. "I was just looking up your secret menu."
    A lot of your background characters are embodiments of things I dislike about people.

    I love it. I love it so much.

    1. Then maybe you could explain what the "secret menu" thingie is about? :3

      1. Secret menus are a selection of items that aren't present on the regular menu, but the restaurant/coffee shop/whatever has the capacity to prepare and you can still order them if you know what they are.

        For example: Starbucks has the Cap'n Crunch Frappuccino, Burger King has the Suicide Burger, and In-N-Out Burger has the Animal Fries.

        1. All of which means extra work for the staff if you order from it, right?

        2. Exactly. So if a person wants to order from the "secret menu." they should do the following:
          1) Don't try it at rush hour or right before closing time
          2) Tip well
          3) Be aware that the "secret menus" are invented by Tublr randos, so they're not an official thing at all
          4) Be super gracious if the staff don't want to prepare your weird thing.

  31. Oh my god Butterfly of Happiness! I was grinning like mad at the first panel, but the sudden transformation and everything after nearly did me in!

  32. Character developments are weird, at first, Eve used to be bitter and cynical, now she's a magical rainbow fairy

    1. Because now she's experienced "The Power of Friendship"! 😀

      Seriously, people can change (in positive and fun ways) when they go from friendless to finding a nice circle of friends. BTDT.

  33. Read this, was all like FLAPPA FLAPPA FLAPPA

  34. I have been waiting for this comic my entire life

  35. this was something else jaja

  36. HEY! LISTEN!

  37. Now that everyone already expressed how they are amazed by Eve's reaction (I'm as much as you all!), there is still a question in the air:

    What is Marek doing back in the US?

    1. He didn\’t leave the US… I\’m not sure why people think that! :0

      1. I think it's because he mentioned living with his parents again, and they speak Polish with each other; and also he moved totally out of sight.

    2. IIRC, Marek and Hanna broke up because Hanna didn't want kids (and Marek did)…not because Marek had to leave the US.

  38. I'm glad that random stuff like this just happens for no reason.

    1. What do you mean "for no reason"?? MAR AND JANE ARE AN ITEM!!!!! :DDDDDD

  39. So does this mean Hanna’s going to turn into some kind of rage demon

    1. I'm betting on a dragon.

  40. Dang it, Gran, this whole storyline had the best pages around – the subway trip, the Jane Goes Home page, the Previous page of this one, and, over all, above in the clouds-…


  41. So, I just spend hours reading through this amazing webcomic. The problems these character face is something I found myself being able to relate to on multiple occations. This is pretty much one of my favorite comics on the net now. Astonishing characters, excellent writing and great art. THANK YOU!

  42. I'm quite new to this comic series, I caught up on it all last week and I'm in love with the characters and story. Meredith you are very good at making your characters feel real and relatable and I look forward to following this comic.

    1. Congratulations, you caught up at the best possible moment ^^

  43. I'm still just insanely excited to see marek again tbh (brb reveling)

  44. Someone's in love with love!

  45. This is my favorite OP page ever!

  46. cough, I'll be the downer and say that friends that react like Eve are pretty obnoxious. The muppet fairy transformation is a good embodiment of that.

    1. From her expression, it seems that Jane agrees with your position.

  47. Eve's expressions are GOLD!

  48. Those Eve expressions kind of remind me of Ponyo 😛

  49. …Is Eve an erstwhile fanfic writer

    This cranialcannon is really coming together now

  50. Wait, what is Jane's thing though? Not sarcasm? Is she not as excited about meeting up as Mar is, or did she just decide her job matters more to her than she thought it did?

    1. pretty sure it's sarcasm

    2. She’s teasing Eve! Eve wants all of the deets so Jane is making her wait longer, because why not.

  51. I love this to pieces… but wait, why is Eve faux-crying at the mention of “a few weeks”? Are those tears of overwhelmed happiness?

  52. I like to believe that the fairy transformation is just Eve's hallucination, and in reality she just sort of stumble-ran to Jan'e job sputtering incoherently, and just plopped down on the counter.


  54. 1) Marek's "cuute" face in panel one is cute itself. Cute-ception!

    2) Panel 10 reminds me of the movie Birdman. Obviously it's not the only movie with creatures flying through cities – but – the escape / ecstasy state of both characters draws parallels. Plus magical realism. I am all about that!


  56. This is my favorite OP page ever.

  57. Panel 5 is so KC Green it's crazy

  58. Gooooood, I wish I could jump into this comic so I could do that hug jumping in a circle thing when people are overjoyed, and then I'd turn into a fairy, too, and help spread this gay joy.

    All the while, Marek and Mari are like, "who the hell was that with Eve??"

  59. Never have I seen the reaction of followers so well represented in the media they’re fangirling over. Eve GETS IT.

  60. Ah, the magical supportive straight friend returns, lol. Naive shoulder Eve makes a comeback, lol

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