#840 – annihilate this year

8 thoughts on “#840 – annihilate this year

  1. The second panel is so sweet + aggressive. Fuck yeah, Hanna. Annihilate this year!

  2. Wait holy crap is Will actually seeking out professional help dealing with his shit? That makes me super happy if so. Go Will!

  3. Lookit the way the colours change from panel one to two – that's amazing colour work <3 love the burst of energy it brings! (And Hanna glomping Will is super cute XD)

  4. In a genuinely surprising plot twist, one of our adult protagonists is *le gasp* actually seeing a professional about his issues!!! Who'd have thought????

  5. Totally a fan of the Hanna-Will hug.

  6. Anthony Czarnecki

    Uh isn't "annihilate" what the Packers are going to do to the Donkos Sunday night?

  7. Wow, just in the last strip I thought Hannah might have adult ADHD because of her impulsive / wandering / fixating thoughts (I recognized it because I have it myself)!
    So seeing that poster on panel 5 – all I can think is – called it! (Maybe). (Call me maybe?)

    I could see a few characters maybe have it. It really is amazing to find your focus with treatment. Whatever Will has, it's an awesome step on his behalf to seek help.

    Also, Panel 2!!

  8. "Research shows that a once stereotypical liberal trend has some scientific health benefits. But we're not having it."

    Is that FOX news on the TV? XD

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