#806 – a teetering shack on a mountain top

24 thoughts on “#806 – a teetering shack on a mountain top

  1. Looks like they're both having bad days… Now, I aint' gonna tell you how to live your lives, here, but you should PROBABLY just go home and make out with each other.

    Just sayin.

  2. a hamlet reference! and fitting because he's "killing" her with his "poisonous" drivel. meredith gran, how you do that without sounding pretentious is beyond me. fan 4 lyfe!

  3. When Beard Papa needs help, you help!

    Totally stealing the King of Denmark line tho.

    1. thistemporarylifeblog


  4. "I don't count." GOLD.

    I wish I could say this to people on any given hypothetical "diverse" day. (Also that having my hair randomly touched by strangers is not as fun an experience for me as it is for them).

  5. If it isn't Mike Van Monpelier, fair trade specialist.


  7. Love the reference to that ridiculous "Race Together" shit that Starbucks tried pulling a couple months back.

  8. Jane's emotional whiplash.

  9. The League of Extraordinary Baristas LIVES!

  10. …. that was…. that just…. you made a Hamlet….

  11. Love the steaming coffee as a visual metaphor for Jane's anger.

  12. To be fair, I doubt the king of Denmark wanted that shit in his ear either 🙁

    1. As of this moment I don’t think he wants anything, since we like England only have a Queen. But she wouldn’t care for neither shit nor a shack on a hill, that’s for sure!

      Can anybody explain the “king of Denmark”-part to me though?…

      1. It's a Hamlet reference. Hamlet's dad (the King of Denmark) was killed by his brother by pouring poison in his ear.

        1. Thanks! The reference was lost on me since I haven’t read Hamlet

  13. Wow, someone's cranky.

  14. So Jane is feeling about how I expected Jane to feel.

  15. hmm so is this a marigold story or a jane story. how fascinating!

    1. it's a MariJane story

  16. Hah. I like how everyone else was trying to rationalize Marigold’s actions, but now that we see Jane actually suffering for it, everyone’s off in the background eating crow.

    1. Relax dude.. nobody\’s fighting you

  17. LOL! I love her face! Her eyes are just, yeeesss! ROFLOL!

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