#787 – no leads yet

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  1. "Clink"? More like "Wink" ;D

    1. Maybe boink?

      1. Definitely boink.

  2. YES

    1. ….MAYBE.

      1. I don't know

        1. Can you repeat the question?


  3. Oh no, Hanna's gonna turn into a sillier version of Eve…

    1. Give her a little slack: the girl needs to let out some steam!

      1. I'm just worried that she's gonna end up getting more stress somehow. I've got a feeling we haven't seen the last of Marek, and it won't be pretty…

  4. my body is ready

  5. ( ?° ?? ?°)

  6. Clearly nothing can go wrong here. I see no problems whatsoever.

  7. I think hannah is wearing a shirt that is a bald eagle lifting a barbell with its mouth and thats fucking hilarious

  8. Suddenly, Larry becomes dreamy to me. He doesn't need to say anything, just *clinks* and waits for her to figure it out.

    1. Gran totally captured that look perfectly. Its in the eyebrows.

  9. Larry, you silver tounged devil you

  10. On one hand I'm like nooooo, but at the same time then this doesn't interfere with Will/Eve so I'm like I guessssssss.

  11. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm shipping this so hard but in a non-romantic way, just good ol' shaggin' and laughin' buddies.

  12. Hey cool!

    I never thought these two would get together! : )

  13. I smiled so hard at the last three panels. Larry's a killer.

    I don't ship shit, but, at least in a purely carnal way, this pair gets me going. Gotta love big burly guyxthin, spunky chick.

  14. Why the fuck not.

  15. ? ? Baby it's *cold* outside ? ?

  16. GO HANNA BANANA. Go get some, sweetie. <3 <3

  17. Larrys eyebrows , panel 6

  18. Larry you suave mothertrucker.

  19. I am quite down with this kind of thing.

  20. I've done this before, with very little success.

  21. You ask in a really creepy way if she wants to go to bed RIGHT AFTER she tells you about her ridiculously sexist OKCupid replies.

    What the fuuuuuuuuuuu, dude.

    1. He actually executed that proposition flawlessly. "If you wanna," followed by his silent look = perfect.

      And I wouldn't characterize her OKcupid messages as sexist; they thought thy were hilarious.

    2. At first I mis-read the panel and thought Larry was the one talking about dick-hammer guy. And that didn't faze me because I thought "yeah that's just the sort of person Larry would know."

  22. Hanna's face in that last panel XD I love how it's so obvious she's out of practice here, she's like "… is that a come on? … that's a come on, isn't it. oh. huh."

  23. meredith, you consistently have the best facial expressions in that game. hands down. Especially when the emotions you convey so clearly are ones that are so subtle that you wouldnt know unless you saw them. Just amazing.


  25. Friendly reminder that Larry is drunk.

    1. Thanks for that actually. I wasn't thinking about that. But the question is, is HANNA thinking about that? Ahhh

  26. the worst thing a guy has ever asked me to do was pee on him. That seems so tame now.

  27. Larry has some guy outside spraying the window with a garden hose.

  28. Hanna's facial expression in the last panel… been there and the results afterwards can be very mixed.

  29. Hannah is drunk too.
    u-oh, let's not push this into weird-roommate-dynamics-zone

  30. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

    Larry knows this well.

  31. Three ways this can go:

    1) Hard cut to morning after with Hanna waking up and having to do the Walk-of-Shame (or Walk-of-Awesome ideally)

    2) Hanna having a frank discussion with Larry about whether she's really ready to mess around with someone or not (whether they actually do it or not depending on what Hanna decides in that talk)

    3) Having any events of what happens next completely omitted or hinted at, the story skipping about a day or two later and the audience not knowing what exactly happened until a month IRL later in a flashback or in a conversation heavily implying whether they did it or not because MEREDITH ENJOYS PLAYING WITH OUR EMOTIONS AND DAMMIT WE LOVE IT

    Honestly, I'm betting for the unspoken forth option where NONE of the stuff I listed happens because I'm the worst at guessing OP developments and get it wrong every single time ._.

  32. That would definitely work on me. Wonder if Hanna is as easy, lol.

  33. Can.. can I get a print of this panel? Something about it just summarizes the attitude of this whole comic. Love it.

  34. i feel hannah. one time a guy on a dating app asked me to be his foot-worship slave. in his opening message. online dating is weird.

  35. Am I the only one who sees this and thinks "Fleeeeeeeee!"? I get that you're lonely, Hanna, but man. This is not going to help that.

  36. Man, I feel like if this ever happened to me, I would look up at Larry and still wouldn't get it.

  37. Sorry, Will, you dumped your girlfriend too soon…

  38. After that last panel, I feel like this was playing in Hanna’s head:

    My mind’s telling me Nooooo…

    But my BODY…


  39. I don't think I ever have heard (read?), or will hear such a sexy clink again. Kudos to the comic that I could actually HEAR it off the page though. I knew Larry was suave, but this… this takes the cake.

  40. Is that an Eagle with a barbell on her shirt?

  41. richard schumacher

    No, seriously, what is that eagle doing? K-Bar and I want to know.

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