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  1. Slowly shipping those two. But i don’t mind if they become best friends. Poor Will taking a stress relief nap after Aimee. Hope he doesn’t overthink stuff too much

    1. Will seems to have this superpower where he simultaneously overthinks and underthinks everything. It's the only way to explain most of his decisions.

      1. Well it happens to be my fatal flaw so I can safely say it is a real thing and it is very unpleasant.

      2. The inconsequential things are what matter to him because creating imaginary problems/consequences is habitual for him, but the big stuff (which requires zooming out/backing up, like knowing that you have to communicate Big Feelings That Affect Other People) are easy to miss. Source: Me, I am that person.

  2. I wish I could be this pleasantly confrontational to a roommate.

    1. It's also totally cool because you KNOW if Larry knew what Will's day was like (and maybe was a little soberer) he would completely understand.

    2. I can hear the sign songy way he's saying it in my head because I do the exact same thing.

    3. I read it as Forced Pleasant

  3. I KNEW Will fucked that pan up.

    1. I don’t get it! Pans are such durable fuckers, how would they even bend that way.

      Feeling so disillusioned right now.

  4. Hanna loves company ^^

  5. this must be it. the only page where i've ever liked larry.

    1. Larry has slowly developed into a likeable dude thoughout the story.

  6. I'm genuinely excited for some Larry/Hanna interaction. Could be good, could be bad, could definitely be a battle of wills or a philosophies, could be explosive or totally chilled, should be fun!

    1. Could it be a battle of wills or…

      … a battle…

      of Wills?

      (I'm so sorry)

      1. Yes

  7. Hanna fixing the pan with her foot -> cracked me up completely.

  8. Awww. Hanna needs a pal to vent to, big time.

  9. There is nothing about this page that I don't love.


  11. I know exactly what Eve's elongated what's up means. I think I've Pavlov'd myself into getting horny everytime I see what's up spelled that way.

  12. I'm curious, and somewhat scared, but… since we've seen Eve's break-up with Park at the beginning, and have just seen Will's break-up, which I had thought would have marked the end of this ark, but since it's still going on…

    Are we going to have a semi-flashback on the actual break-up conversation between Hanna and Marek? D:

    1. Please dear god my heart couldn’t handle that. I miss Marek like a real person

  13. Props to Will for ditching a less-than-desirable job and expunging a interrelationship he was not happy with. Up-ending your life like that takes ballz! Especially when you have nothing definitive waiting for you in the future. I hope he hits it big sometime soon!

  14. I love Hanna's reaction in the last panel. She's just like, "Wait what? How can you be over this?! Finding someone at a bar is an agonizing experience that must be accompanied by many hours of indecision and annoyance at the human race before reluctantly deciding to go! So what the fuck do you mean 'Welp – can't change the weather'?!"

  15. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! : )
    I LOVE the picture where Hanna fixes the pan! It's like a pic out of a 1970s Pink Panther comic book, or something.

  16. Granulac!
    Look here, GWS is on hiatus and A Softer World is coming to an end. Don't go jumping on the bandwagon!

    1. Dude, GWS is not on hiatus, it is finished.

  17. I thought Hanna's wide-eyed, relateable face in the 2nd last panel was sarcastic. You know, here she is, mildly damp, wearing her dude-friends clothes and surfing the net when other single New York-ians are out scoping the talent (or lack-thereof).

  18. What an absolute gem of a page. I could easily say that about… pretty much every page, but this one really made me smile!

    Please never stop doing Octopus Pie. It's easily one of the best comics in the world.

  19. Love that fourth panel — Hanna looks so tiny standing next to Larry.

  20. This is the only webcomic I check multiple times a day, knowing there's no new update, just to read the discussions taking place in the comments section. Not only is OP amazing, but so are its readers. Everyone is concerned that this is ending soon, but whether or not it is, it's been amazing. Easily my favorite webcomic. Thanks for doing what you do, Meredith. You're the bomb dot com.

    1. why do people seem to think it's ending soon? did this rumour actually come from something MG has said?

      also, this is my first ever comment so i'm going to take this opportunity to say that i am consistently amazed by the quality of this webcomic and reading it makes me feel a little less alone in the world.

      1. I don't know, honestly. Could be paranoia because other webcomics are ending, or maybe just concern that things maybe feel like they're wrapping up a bit here. Either way, I don't think MG has said anything along those lines.

  21. god damn, so much happening here conveyed so economically

    i love it

  22. So it's not a cast iron pan, huh? Because a) I don't THINK it would have dented like that? and b) you definitely couldn't pop that sucker back into shape with a bare foot….

  23. Make better life decisions.

    Buy better cookware.

  24. easy guys larry's not a super serious pan owner probably

  25. Why is everybody so concerned about OP ending? Has Meredith made any comments anywhere about her intentions on finishing it?
    I just keep reading it in the comments, and I don't know whether it's because the characters have really been developing and that freaks us out (which makes me think, honestly, because it seems like we can't think of true development without it reaching a dead end) or because it's actually been said.
    Just wondering!

    1. I think it's because a lot of webcomics have recently finished or have gone on hiatus. A fresh example on my mind if Girls with Slingshots, where for the last year it seemed like we were meeting up with each character and having their certain storylines wrap up one at a time by having long issues solved or Big Important Things happening to them that'll change their lives for the better, worse or in that way that makes you acknowledge that you can never fully know because ~*~LIFE~*~

      Personally, I haven't heard anything from Meredith, and I would find it odd if she ended it right now when she just introduced color only a couple of months ago (unless it's for a final hurrah?) but I think that, yeah, the intense character development is freaking a lot of us out because usually that means we're heading to the "Well now that that's all done, what next for our characters? Nobody knows, because ~*~LIIIIIIIIIFE~*~" sort of conclusion.

      Don't get me wrong, I would respect Meredith's decision if she did decide to end it soon and would greatly appreciate an ending that at least visited each character again to see How Far They've Come, but here's crossing fingers that Meredith's got some ideas brewing in her head that she knows she can't get to without first closing some chapters in her respective characters' lives.

      All I know is that I'll be squirming in my seat for the next update regardless of what happens c:

  26. That pan's gotta be stainless steel then.

    I love how in your face Hanna is about her maladjustment.

  27. …. that's totally a drunk text from Eve.

  28. I love how the action follows Larry from the bedroom to the kitchen so fluidly and naturally. It's like a Martin Scorsese tracking shot. (Or Inarritu ala Birdman). I love it.

  29. I sang it, roflol. I sang it with Larry.

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