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A favorite page of mine, working on a couple of dimensions at once. How the characters are photographed becomes important in these final stories. Their memories, their sense of self, how they are seen and want to be seen. On top of that, how they think others want to see them in this dating game. We certainly can't take their word for it - we need a fuller picture.

Of course I was setting this up as a tense night for Hanna and Will. Hanna has been rescued from the rain, wearing Will's clothes and linens. She's seeking cold dating advice even though she'd rather start from a foundation of intimacy. In another place and time THIS right here would've been the easy option. They're clearly both so frustrated and vulnerable - why not? We get the idea they both know the answer to that, but logic and learned experience haven't been put to the test for a while. This story is the test.

7 thoughts on “#773 – your dating profile

  1. By the natural order of nature, if the age of you and your roommates averages out to 25, a neon-mesh chair appears.

  2. I legit used panel 9 as a tinder profile pic for a while*. If anyone thought it made me look clever, they never said.

    *(With attribution of course).

  3. I sometimes feel a "tension" like this with long term friends who are also single and dating (like me). It's not as if people object to the idea of dating someone they know that well, they just aren't enthused by it.

    If history and comfort were enough to make things work out, divorce wouldn't exist haha.

  4. will's glossy phone pics vs hanna's aged jpegs is one of my fav diegetic touches in this comic

  5. I was so lucky to have communities of shared interests that would bring me into opportunities to spend extended time with anyone I felt like dating. Hooking up was the easy part. Sustaining a relationship and living up to the promise — much harder.

  6. It's funny, the effect of postmodernism, and sincerity vs irony. At this point, even irony in dating profiles is part of how you present and package yourself in the "game". So many put up grainy jpeg funny ironic poses and even memes, along with flattering hi-quality and sometimes studio shot photographs to add to a combined mystique of humor, carefree-ness, and annoyingly, sometimes to seem above the whole online dating thing altogether. I'd even say I'm guilty of the same.

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