#764 – this is so mean

I remember this page being kind of sparse, but there are a lot of images that come alive when I look at it - Park's obligated, claustrophobic posing in panel 3. Eve's brow in the rearview mirror. Overall there's a sense of finality, that they'll never see each other or get another word in again - and urgently, they both want the last one.

13 thoughts on “#764 – this is so mean

  1. I forgot…is this a flashback?

    1. Yep, happens well before the comic started.

      1. Gotcha. Now I'm on the right page.

    2. Yeah, this is their breakup that happened before the comic.

      1. Makes a lot more sense. Thank you!

        1. Sorry to be one of 4 identical replies, haha. The moderation delay makes fools of us all.

          (Moderation is great, though, I'm always impressed that it's kept up here)

    3. Yes!

      1. Much appreciated. I'd forgotten the context for this one.

    4. This is a flashback to a time before the beginning of Octopus Pie.

      1. Thank you!

  2. F u Park! Loved and hated this page at the same time.

  3. This is a flashback. Note that despite Park saying he wasn't leaving her for anyone, we know he'd been cheating on her already for a while before this breakup. What an asshole.

  4. I love the first panel where Eve is smiling. I can see her face so clearly in my mind. It's a perfect expression of that feeling

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