#759 – it’s finally taken its toll

Ohhh haha I love this. This was just beginning to be clear to me at the time - that anything "learned" and "mature" I said would sound juvenile in earshot of an actual grown-ass woman. But of course you need to work through these ideas in a non-judgmental setting before they can really solidify into something useful. These days I throw them at a private Twitter account, which I think of as a dressing room for ideas.

4 thoughts on “#759 – it’s finally taken its toll

  1. I turn thirty in three months, but I have a lot of friends or relatives who are significantly older than me that I'm close to. The 40-somethings don't feel like grown ups. The 50-somethings have a bigger desire to party than I do. My 62 year old mom says she thinks of herself as a teen. My 70-something -year-old aunts still consider themselves young. My 86 year old grandma is maybe the only person who believes herself to be a grown ass woman, capable of doling out advice and wisdom. I'm just resigning myself to feeling like a kid the rest of my life.

    1. the single most simultaneously maturing, grounding, and horrifying moment of my entire life was when i had the epiphany that almost everybody is just sort of making it up as they go along

    2. When I was still living with my folks in my mid-twenties (they were in their 50's), they were the ones who were going out to bars to hear bands and party when I was staying home crocheting and watching TV. It was bizarre.

  2. My head cannon for this storyline was always that the two older women were jane and eve from the future.

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