#750 – you shouldn’t have come here

People asking for how much of this experience is truthful, it pretty much all is. There's a room down in the depths of hell, that can only be tolerated under cover. It's one of those scenes where the commitment to spiritual purification through bathing really turns a dark corner for me.

4 thoughts on “#750 – you shouldn’t have come here

  1. My saunas are too strong for you, traveller.

    1. Sauna vendor, I implore you. I am going on a hot date this weekend and I require your strongest saunas.

  2. Just after this story line originally ended, I got invited to a king spa for the first time and it was EERIE. Walking around in my shapeless pink shorts, feeling like I'd already seen it all in a vision. But that vision was OP.

    And this king spa was outside of Chicago, not in Jersey. I guess they're all more or less the same?

  3. I love Jane in the second panel so so much.

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