#747 – spa fix everything

In this arc I was trying to recreate a very specific type of relaxation: one where you're not just in a place meant to relax you, but where you're also being led around childlike by a friend who is an expert. Even her bossy shushing is a corrective, meant to (well, maybe not MEANT to) ease you into the desired state of calm.

3 thoughts on “#747 – spa fix everything

  1. I love that kind of relaxation where you don't have to make any decisions and are just being pulled around by a friend or knowledgable acquaintance – it is certainly undervalued!

  2. i've always loved the look of the lights on the wall – the golden rays and the subtle reflections

  3. The color design and how it combines with the soothing softness of the line work makes me want to visit the fuck out of this spa.

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