#743 – in the store

New year, new storyline! There will be a big chunk of pages before the month is through, so check back frequently.

26 thoughts on “#743 – in the store

  1. GOD, these colors. That city. This life.

  2. OMG! I can’t belive that Eve still dreaming about Park (cuz of the beach) even after all she has been living with Will… It just hurts

    1. she hasnt been living with will?

    2. that's a real good catch, didnt even think about that.

      also i dont think its that weird. in college i had a gf that i thought i was gonna marry. didn't work out, i broke it off, but i still had dreams about her for years and years. ive got a great gf now who i love, but id be lying if i said i still dont think about her sometimes.

      1. I know the feeling bro… But I was hopping that after the "something is different" of Eve (http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-06-19/677-678-whats-different-now/) she had changed and overcome her breakup with Park… Or maybe she is just with Will because she is lonely… A winter cling, maybe?

    3. Wait, *has* Eve been living with Will? I thought at the most it was FWB situation.

      1. Sorry, my mistake.. What I meant was "all she had lived with Will"

  3. in love with the panels diagrammation
    btw last arc was the best ever, i'm already so pumped for this new one

  4. Loving the subtle seashore background in panels 3 & 4.

  5. Why are you sleeping in the middle of a beach, Eve. You crazy

    1. It's the Wisdom Beach.

      1. What's the Wisdom Beach?

  6. poor Eve.Those bleary eyes!

  7. Man, this comic is like a drug. The wait for the next strip is unbearable.

    And back at the beach I see…

  8. I really depend on these comments to understand OP. I didn't even catch the beach. And she's living with Will? I miss everything.

    1. I think he's just over sometimes..

    2. I didn't get any indication that Will lived with them.. he's just over there a lot for the baking thing isn't he?

  9. Eve gets treated so believably shitty by her job that it's heartbreaking

  10. Blizzard's coming, Eve. Don't get snowed in at work.

  11. Now its time to get depressed with Eve!

  12. Is she sleeping… with bare feet? O_O WOW, Brooklyn winters must be really mild.

  13. At first, I thought that the colouring shift would be uncomfortable, but it holds up pretty nice.

  14. "neber"

    So good.

  15. nice to see this comic back on track..
    I love it soo bad!
    Greets from Chile!!

  16. But like Eve and Will went to a beach, when he gave her a coconut, maybe, only maybe she's dreaming about that, a memory, or I just really want to believe so

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