#741 – hanna dries a bowl solemnly

Hi from North Carolina! I'm on the road to my Florida vacation this week. There will be one more update - the final update - for this storyline, most likely in the new year. A little late for my December update quota, but I hope y'all will forgive the holiday slowness. Thanks for reading and see you in 2015.

47 thoughts on “#741 – hanna dries a bowl solemnly

  1. All I want is for ALL the characters to be happy, and as soon as they all are, the happiest character turns surly.
    YAY Willxeve, poor hannah 🙁

  2. Wow. That Eve and Will sleeping panel is just… such love. <3

    And Hanna looking at them in a way that totally contrasts the panel she was wiping the bowl speaks such volumes.

    Beautiful as always, Meredith. <3

  3. The very loud "aaww" noise I made was simultaneously happy for Will and Eve, but sad for Hanna.

    I have never made that noise out loud before. What have I become. What have I become.

    1. ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

  4. Damn, nice colors. Makes a huge difference.

  5. I always enjoy the little details in Meredith's drawings, and it's really exciting to see the coloring give equal attention to small details. It's especially evident in a comic like today's where there is no dialog — it's just a pleasure to gawk at the pictures.

  6. Best page in the whole storylime, best title, best third panel (You gotta make a print of it now) best everything.

  7. Hello welcome to florida it is basically jurassic park but with more meth labs

  8. Best strip title EVAH

  9. Yes, the colors really add another dimension to the strip, especially this one. You are most certainly a master of the craft, Mer.

  10. Kinda just want to print out a bunch of copies of that middle panel and roll around in them for a while, like a dragon with a hoard of sappy sentimentality.

  11. Ahhhhh. Heart meltiiiiinng! And nooo Hannah, don’t go outside without your coat.

    1. …I thought Hanna was going to her room.

  12. What does "octopus pie" mean?

  13. I find it interesting how the two first panels are in a warm color and the following ones are cold. Without colors we might have read the first panels as cold and lonely and the following ones as warm and cosy. Instead the first two panels que a feeling that Hannah is having feelings of frustration and maybe even anger, and in the following panels it is as if the sight of Eve and Will stops her in her tracks, cools her down and alows her to have a moment of realisation. As for what she is realising, ah, what a cliff hanger 🙂

    1. See I read it as the opposite. The panels with Hannah are all in shades of red and yellow signifying her anger and frustration. In contrast the panels with Eve and Will are done in shades of blue and green which to me speak towards safety and contentment. I think that's why Hannah is looking so surprised and a bit hurt. Because when you're that broken and beat down the very idea that people around you can still be happy is just, horrible.

  14. "I… I don't know *what* to think. I think I'll take a walk."

    1. I was thinking more, "So I guess that's a thing."

  15. One thing I noticed is that through this entire story, Hanna had the frown of an angry mom.

  16. I LOVE the hovertext of: "hanna dries a bowl solemnly". (Hee, hee). It reminds me of a scene in one of the [Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy] books. The scene is something like:

    Zaphod Beeblebrox waited in the hallway. He quietly waited to tackle his enemy, "like the Helluva guy he was!"

    1. Oh my freaking God, Zaphod was the best.

      Remember when the Krikketers had him at gunpoint, and ended up shooting him in the Third Book?
      He was so surprised he had to be shot again before he could fall down.

      1. Yeah! Zaphod is so awesome! I think he's the superhero that all superheroes look up to! 😀

  17. Man, this strip really makes me look back on the whole saga of this comic.

    I remember how Hanna tried to set up Will and Eve and how Eve rejected it originally because she didn't want to live in Hanna's perfect world. It's amazing to see Will and Eve together now so peacefully now that Hanna's "perfect world" has fallen apart. Makes me think of the "cracks" Eve alluded to in the camping story. That was also the first time we saw Hanna vocalize her annoyance with Marigold's sort of "reinvention".

  18. !!!!
    I feel beard rubbing my cheek and a soft arm under my head every time I look at that panel. So evocative. So cozy.

  19. First Marten and Claire in QC, and now Will and Eve (maybe). I think I may have broken something with that squee…

  20. Love Will's sleepy curled up hands if you know what I mean?!

  21. Honestly, I'm fixated on the fact that Eve's hidden arm is probably super stiff and uncomfortable, but then I'm warmed by the fact that she probably is too nice of a position to bother moving it out from under Will's body. I love it, and I love how their past tension is just not even a problem and they can just enjoy themselves.

    And then there's Hanna and I just do not know…

  22. It is actually impossible for two people to sleep comfortably on a couch. Only for looove would anyone be crazy enough to even attempt this.

  23. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee will and eve squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. Hanna's eyes have really changed during this storyline. She really looked more cartoonish than the other characters before, and now her eyes look more…normal. Perhaps it's because she's not stoned most of the time anymore. I actually find her more enjoyable to look at—even with the bitterness. She looks more like a real person. Perhaps this symbolizes her growing up? I hope she doesn't change her mind about having kids—at least not yet, if ever. Whether or not to have kids (or how many) really is a decision you have to make for yourself—versus making someone else happy (though too many pick that path).

  25. Hanna's expression in panel 4 (with the light falling on her face) is perfect. Surprise + jealousy + sadness + understanding + ohholyshit… It is the best.

  26. 1 Will Eyebrow = 1 Eve Closed Eye

  27. Eve and will~~~~~There so cute!

  28. I've just caught up with regular updates of this comic, and I'm in love with it! It's got the most human cast I've ever seen in a comic, movie or book. It's become an instant favorite.

  29. That is just so adorable.
    Is it just me, or did Eve treble* in cuteness since the start of the comic?

    *I don't even know what this word means.

  30. Is this the first Octopus Pie with no words in it anywhere?

    1. I think there have been a couple of others. Not many, though.

      1. I mean, in the other ones where no one talks, there's a sign or label or piece of graffiti that Meredith can take the title from. This is the first time I can remember a title being a panel description that was possibly taken from the strip.

  31. "Hanna doesnt Know, Hanna doesn't Know;
    Don't tell Hanna, cause Hanna doesnt know.."

    playing In my head, for some reason .

    Hanna knows.

  32. oh my god I just read the entire comic in one sitting! This story is so real and intense, thank you so much for creating these characters, you have managed to portray what is like being in your 20s while trying to figure life out perfectly. I don't feel so alone anymore 🙂

  33. Will and Eve sleeping a-cuddle on the sofa just fills my heart with warm fuzzies ^^

  34. Hahah, it's always so weird when you don't even add sound effects to turn into a title.


    hanna noooo your assistant cook is asleep you're gonna burn the house dowwnnnn

  36. Hannah: So depresing…Time to kill myself!!

  37. I identify with Hanna so much here. That "I can see this is a happy thing, but I'm too messed up (and a little jealous) to feel happy about it" feeling. I really hope Hanna can begin healing soon… but I wouldn't know how.. I've barely started healing myself.

  38. Eve is Frisk from Undertale.

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