#741 – hanna dries a bowl solemnly

This is sweet, yeah? But also sad to me. Will hasn't actually figured any of it out yet. That Eve is laying flat while he's holding onto her is meant to signify that he's in need. But even just finding that somewhere is more than Hanna can say.

3 thoughts on “#741 – hanna dries a bowl solemnly

  1. the juxtaposition on this page of hanna's immaculate kingdom of ashes with will and eve's cozy bubble of intimacy SLAPS. and you made it so hanna HERSELF is forced to witness it.

    'it's not the dying that bothers me, it's the DYING ALONE that gets to me,' thought the witch, warming herself at the edges of an intimacy in which she had no part.


  2. Prime "Am I the asshole?" content

  3. Always liked Hanna’s cute, solemn look of observation here

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