#740 – stick your neck out

It's funny how often our clarifying moments come long after they've been put into words. Like we need to test them in the field and see the results. Will and Hanna's dynamic has been sort of sibling-like with Hanna pressing that hot button and Will reacting, but that's changing. He doesn't need her approval to make changes in his life; he's not as paralyzed as she thinks.

3 thoughts on “#740 – stick your neck out

  1. That tiny moment of realisation in panel five, where you can hear the beat of silence in Hannah's brain as she thinks wait… maybe I went a little too far there. As she actually *feels* something for the first time in months.

  2. I like the comparison of Will's exit to Greg's…Will says much less but echoes Greg. And this disengagement is much more wounding to Hanna, for all that it is less dramatic.

  3. …the moment you realize you're not an asshole because it's your immutable nature, but because you deliberately choose to be one. and the moment you realize the people you care about deserve better.

    nothing like the casual kindness of loved ones — in this case, will's charitable de-escalation of the situation — to reveal dominance hierarchies for the toxic farces they often are. marigold can't be too far from hanna's mind right now…

    alt-title: 'the witch dies a little inside and resolves to treat her friends better.' this one hits close to home.

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