#739 – your hit single

Here's hoping you had a nice holiday! My heart feels very full, from all the food I put in it. And love, there's love in there too!

18 thoughts on “#739 – your hit single

  1. "Keep talking like that and you're off the guest verse"

  2. Hanna's reversed Cinderella transformation is just magical.

  3. All the double meanings!

  4. I love how Octopie never maintains the status quo.

  5. Hanna's gonna self-examine everyone now…

    1. Only *now?* She's kind of done it this whole time…

  6. I feel if Will manages to turn his life around like Marigold did, Hanna is going to go batshit crazy. I think she just doesn't believe that people can change lifestyle, because she can't.
    I hope Will can push her to follow him off the Path Of Cynical Contempt With Your Unhappiness and onto the Holy Path Of Personal Achievement.

    Let's kick our own butts Hanna, and make 2015 a great year for both of us, yeah? I feel ya, my fictional misery-buddy.

  7. damn

    too bad will doesn't have any choice but to accept that shitty comment if he wants to keep doing the cooking thing

  8. I'm worried for WIll and Hannah's conversation, hahaha. I think that Will won't give up on Hannah like Marigold seems to (even if Mar had good reason to.)

    On the other hand, does anyone wanna bet that Will had something else he wanted to let rise after he finished his bread dough…..?

    1. yes, I was totally thinking that. high five.

  9. Okay, so…am I the only one reading this as Hannah having a massive superiority complex?

    1. Not at all sir. Its pretty much out there for everyone to see. She does have big ego.

      1. I think it had more to do with Hannah feeling like her role in the group dynamic is threatened. In the past people like mar and will have been screwups with Hannah acting as the glue that kept everyone together. She was the pillar for those guys in her own messed up way, and now that they have all this “gettin my life on track” resolve it’s like yeah sure I’ll be here when you inevitably mess up -again-, regardless of it it’s true or not.

        Friggin been there…

    2. She’s always had that. How have you not noticed?

  10. This downward spiral of spite and generation of bad will (no pun intended) towards Hanna is pribably about to Climax with an angry Eve. I feel like it's in the bible.
    "Thou shalt not be a bitch to Will, for the wrath of Eve is mighty"

  11. Wow, what a shitty response to someone sharing that they're going to do better for themselves.

    Honestly, this sounds just like my grandmother.

  12. Something about how cool it is how Hanna has her hair like how it is in the flashback scenes when she was hanging with Will at whatever educational institution they attended and the art place and wherever else we've seen them in those happy days of yore (which weren't happy so much as rose-tinted).

    I am very tired. Goodnight.

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