#736 – weird party

22 thoughts on “#736 – weird party

  1. "I'm like the only person she knows here" man that really is Gatsby as FUCK, can't believe I didn't see it sooner.

    1. Our Lady of Gran has a habit of knocking it out of the park with them literary references.

  2. That last panel… ugh… so good.

  3. a very squanchy party indeed

  4. Hanna - Private Eye

    suddenly, we go back to b&w, smooth jazz starts playing and the monologue begins: "it was a cold night in the city, all nights were cold lately…"

  5. Last panel: cue sad music from The Incredible Hulk tv show.

  6. Damn, stakes to the heart of Hanna here. I've been in her shoes, (maybe I still am?) so I can't wait to see how she gets through this.

    1. Yeah, I'm still surprised at how much bitterness I sometimes hear when I'm talking … I don't think I'm quite as indiscriminately horrible as Hanna has been recently …

      I hope that she breaks soon and that someone (Eve?) is there to help her put herself back together as someone who can be at peace with herself (and others) … otherwise she could end being old, isolated, bitter and hateful …

  7. "I'm like the only person she knows here." You could even say Don is Jane's… glue?

    1. Considering the bitterness with which Don says that, I'd say it was the other way around. He's dressed up, prepared to leave, but he feels stuck. The truth is, Jane is the only person DON really knows at that party. Jane doesn't seem to care if she really knows anyone or not.

  8. Even the streetlights are cool in Brooklyn.


  10. How perf is it that the only one Gatsby knows at the party is Frankenstein’s monster, possibly the only literary character lonlier than himself(or, you know, herself, cause it’s Jane)?

  11. For better or worse (likely worse, eh) I've really identified with Hanna over this entire arc. She's always been my favorite character, and I've so appreciated this intimate, long story line. I want to bitch with Hanna about everyone else, and then go home and feel empty.

    1. *so* feel ya.

  12. Poor Hanna, must have felt so out of place in that party… I hope she doesn't blame Eve, since Eve told her that "single people doesn't need glue".

  13. Witches don't glue, they just brew
    ~double double toil and trouble~

  14. Is there any way to purchase the earlier books? I can only find the latest release on topatoco, and the first one on amazon… I want all of the released ones so far but I don’t know how to find them

    1. As you said , Dead Forever and There are no stars in Brooklyn are both available on Topatoco, but if you search for them by name on Amazon, you can buy all of them(Listen at Home with Octopus Pie, Octopus Pie: A Brownstone Companion, and Octopus Pie: An Interstate Oasis) used. They might be more expensive and you'll have to pay for shipping and I know A Brownstone Companion is hella expensive, but they're all there.

    2. maybe if her patreon gets enough money she can rerelease them or put out new editions in color or hardcover or something

  15. Man. I sort of wish Eve would come to this party and hook up with Frankenstein's monster. Am I the only one who is still shipping them?

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