#732 – whatever that was

40 thoughts on “#732 – whatever that was

  1. Let the royal ruckus commence…!
    Be careful with the high heels though or you might put someone's eye out.

  2. OH NO



  3. Lesbian Lesbian Lesbian Romance its awwwwwwwright!

    looking forward to my thoughts involving panel 2 being incorrect.


    1. 1.nice one and 2. NO MERCY HANNA

  5. Somehow didn't see that coming, but ooooohhh boy.

  6. Guys, I think I heard something snap.

  7. Before you worry to much about Marigold, remember that she can outrun Hannah.

    1. Marigold could outrun her, but Hannah was a runner for a bit, she might be faster now.

  8. Ok, wait…can someone please clear up for me if that's Jane dressed in drag? I really thought it was a new character because they said "Don't believe we've met" or was that directed at Greg? I'm usually the person scoffing at other people's inaccuracies/confusion 🙁

    1. it totally is jane. they mentioned that she was having a party earlier in this storyline.

  9. Is duck-face girl surprised, or is her face just shaped that way?

    1. Pretty sure that's a mask.

  10. Marigold! Ahhh I forgot about her & Hanna's annoyance at her happiness, that was the whole setup of this arc and stuff.

    (I also really hope the ghost is Eve. Or it's Julie and she's been too nervous to talk to Jane this entire time :3)

  11. Hanna has become so angry and I have seen a lot of what she has said and done coming…but a princess throw-down, was not one of those things!

  12. Fuck that bitch up. Hannah's blond and therefore the better sleeping beauty (which I assume is the costume, can't think of a brunette pink-dressed princess…)

  13. Must be a friend of hers

  14. Still not entirely sure who Jane is dressed as…

    1. I think she's a Prince.
      Or possibly a Salesman. I was thinking Salesman first but now I think she's a Prince.

  15. Aw Maaaaaan! Oh no. Please tell me that that's not Marigold!

  16. What's Jane's costume?

  17. So nice the colour in the prettier-princess panel

  18. so jane said that everyone is showing up dressed as an "earnest projection" of them selves. so greg looks like rocky, hanna looks like Cinderella, jane looks like i guess a dude and marigold looks like sleeping beauty. so this is how they see them selves as.

  19. Oh Marigold, how dare you. HOW DARE YOU. #teamhanna

    1. How would she have known Hanna was going as a princess? I figure it's just an unfortunate coincidence.

  20. Boss Fight Initiated.

  21. Also I love Jane being a straight up gentleman.

  22. It's ON 😀

  23. Oh wow, I had totally imagined Marigold being blonde!
    To the point where I thought "I have no idea who that character is."

    1. Same here! Good thing Meredith is so amazing at drawing faces / personalities, that for me the color change meant it just clicked in 2 seconds instead of 1.

  24. Jane is dressed as Jay Gatsby. Right?

    1. Or Desire

  25. Is Jane's costume Jay Gatsby?

  26. I love that Marigold has just the most subtle hint of smugness in her expression, just enough to push Hanna over the edge. Def been there.

  27. I really don’t think Marigold is being smug. She’s just happy in herself.

  28. Jane's cane! So fantastic. So dapper. Such unintentional rhyme.

  29. Wow I'm reading OP for the first time, and now that there's colour I realize I got many character's hair and skin colour wrong in my mind all this time. Good to know.

  30. The Princesses fit the characters really well.

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