#716 – astral projection course

22 thoughts on “#716 – astral projection course

  1. Dangit, I thought this montage would last more than one outfit. I was gonna try out like…5. But I didn't have any freinds standing outside the dressing room to shake their heads disapprovingly until the last one and then they give me a thumbs up.

    1. Makeover, makeover,
      Makeover, makeover,
      Makeover, makeover,

  2. Astral projection; the environmentally friendly way to travel.

  3. Ass-tral Projection? You never explained what an ass was to begin with.

    1. Slow down with the puns there, friend. Wouldn’t want to make an ass of yourself.

    2. All the internets. You win them ^^

  4. Can't get over how great the colors are, god damn.


  6. I have never before identified with Hannah as strongly as I do right now.

    Zappos Hannah.

    or barefoot running.

  7. And Hannah is like "Nope one musical montage is all I needed today"

  8. That montage was so short It may as well have been a MONOtage!

    I'll see myself out.

  9. Is Hanna wearing tabi socks?

  10. Is… Hannah making a pouty duck face?

    1. I kind of fear for this Hannah. I mean, I didn't agree with her before and her opinions with Marigold but now she's doing the same thing she claimed Marigold of doing (this idea that Mari was tricking herself into thinking her life isn't a mess).

      Does this mean Hannah accepted she was probably wrong or is she doing what she hated Marigold of doing?

      Someone help me decipher these feelings.

  11. I prefer the black and white.

    1. You could be just accustomed to the black and white (which definitely has its own beauty), and while I do like the color, I personally prefer a more muted color scheme myself. A bit more pastel. It's a smidgen overwhelming right now, but again we're used to black and white.

      There is a mysterious beauty to black and white/grayscale, that's for sure.

    2. Ditto; not really sure why people toss around (-) votes for having a dissenting opinion.

  12. I'm thinking kitty face. >^. .^<

  13. Love the outfit, Hannah!

  14. Now this one's pretty interesting. Only experts can do astral projection and it takes a lot of patience and energy to learn this one. It's dangerous too.

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