#715 – live love and life

Welcome to color! This storyline was colored by Sloane Leong, one of my favorite artists, writers and academics in the comics world. It was an honor to work with Sloane as we figured out a vision for Octopus Pie in color.

For the longest time I envisioned the OP characters as white ghosts against a limited-color background, with color doing little more than shading or a small bit of graphic appeal. I learned a lot from these pages in terms of the work the colors would be doing, the extra dimension of storytelling they provided, and what it was possible to ask a colorist to do.

I'm proud of "something-something-Africa" as an understated joke that I forget about and delight in seeing again. This page is full of antics!

8 thoughts on “#715 – live love and life

  1. I'll never look at a Lulu store the same way again. My little brother was a chief color designer for them for several years before moving on to Adidas.

  2. I may not have ever laughed as much as at that bottom row. All three panels are perfect.

  3. "Odor Moisting" sounds highly unpleasant …

  4. This is one of my all-time favorite OP pages. Every panel is a gem (and I love the butt logo so much)

  5. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that "your ass, that you have" punchline?

  6. Come on Hannah…you broke your ass and wore bubble underwear during the ice skating storyline. Therefore it must exist!

  7. Panel 1 always been one of my favorite OP jokes.

  8. Could someone please explain the Africa joke? Only African clothes I've worn are kente cloth. Is it a NYC thing?

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