#709-714 – i want nothing

An example of a weakness I increasingly gave into in late-stage OP - an idea I just couldn't resist running with. It was one of those ideas I related to Mike, who informed me that I HAD to do it. As I scraped up against my 30th birthday, more and more things began to lock in as precious relics of my (and by extension, Hanna's) past, including Disney's Renaissance princess flicks and their seminal "I want" songs. If I'm being honest I'll never escape them, and neither will any of these poor saps.

10 thoughts on “#709-714 – i want nothing

  1. I'd love to hear this set to music

  2. It also seems very Seussian to me.

    1. Same. I read it as a children's book.

  3. I wouldn't call it a weakness. I really like this part. One of the things I like most about Octopus Pie is how seamlessly it transitions back and forth between realistic relatable story and silly fantasy world

  4. [Not sure this helps, but this is how I'd phrase it in song]

    Could it be…?
    Is there really such a place,
    Free of hustle and haste,
    No horns honking cyclists shouting bankers bluffing?

    Can I flee…. to a silent wonderland?
    An empty… canvas with no plan?

    Far above the crowds
    Of Bensonhurst and Flushing
    Say it can't be so –
    I want nothing…?

    I want nada! I want zip!
    Not a blip on my radar
    Let the thread of worldly obstacles unwind….

    Show me zero, give me naught,
    Can't believe how long I've fought,
    For just a tiny bit of nothingness to soothe my troubled mind.

    I want the do-ting embrace!
    Of neg-a-tive space!
    Let me travel through oblivion that's vacuous and free.

    [big build up]
    How I hunger to be empty,
    I can almost taste the voiiid.
    [slow, emphasise every syllable]
    I swear there must be nothing out there –
    Nowhere just for meeeeeeeeeeee….!

    [and quiet, music stills, Hannah whispers]
    But my dreams just make reality so crushing…
    Say it can't be so – I want [pause, resigned, everso sad] nothing.

    1. next prescott niles

      But clearly that line should be recast as "On my radar not a blip," right?

      1. Nah, I think we want the internal rhyme.

  5. Classic "I Want" song, beginning at ostrich-sized eggs (!) and ending in oblivion:

    Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

  6. Like the duck under the Bodhi tree.

  7. I spy Lumiere and Cogsworth in panel ~15

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