#702 + 703 – away i go

Just a one-shot to close out this month's comics. I hope you enjoyed them! You'll notice I did a lot of 2-pagers in August. When I'm really in a crunch, it ends up being a more efficient way for me to work. But I think it also lends itself pretty well to the previous story. No more drawing for me for a few days, while I move to a new apartment! I'm pretty excited about it, but of course it sucks and takes forever. See you soon from a slightly different place!

40 thoughts on “#702 + 703 – away i go

  1. I assume Eve is debating joining his scurvy crew there in the last panel.

    1. Is having a crew with scurvy a desirable thing now? I figured not having your organs melt would be a bipartisan issue.

      1. California is in the middle of a vicious drought, probably due to climate change. Apparently, water for crops is a major drain on the state's water supplies right now. Everyone knows oranges come from California*. Therefore, responsible eco-citizens must abstain from eating citrus. MOTHER EARTH NEEDS WATER MORE THAN YOU NEED TEETH, DAMMIT.

        *Or maybe it's Florida? Whatever.

        1. It's not Florida. This be monsoon season.

        2. Oranges come from Florida. All of them. If you find some coming from elsewhere, let us know.

          Cuz if we find out, you will also be swimming with the alligators.

        3. Mine come from Spain.
          Cus it's closer.
          Cus I'm English.

          SO THERE

    2. It looks like an "I'll show ye" face to me.

      1. Most definitely.


  3. Meredith just wanted to draw a boat.

    Who can blame her?

    1. Webcomics: Sometimes It Really Is About Drawing The Most Epic Boat

      By Scott McCloud

  4. Oh god, not THIS guy again.

  5. Marek's still in the states?

    1. I don't think it's ever been cleared up whether he's actually leaving the states at all, but seeing as he mentioned moving in with his parents and he's still there, it seems his parents actually live in the US. (and not even all the way over in Queens)

    2. http://www.octopuspie.com/2014-03-31/652-653-kids…. It was kinda confusing, a lot of folks thought they were breaking up because he had to move back to Poland after graduation, but they actually broke up because Hanna didn’t want kids and Marek does. Hanna ended things and graduation was probably more of a turning point. He said he was moving back in with his parents, and it’s assumed they actually live nearby and his he’s a polish immigrant instead of a foreign exchange student.

  6. Eve and the Exes! I’m happy to see hey hanging out with Marek again 🙂

  7. Coexist guy seemed more badass the first time around. Maybe it's because his method of escape was a bit more drawn out this time?

    1. Also, his extreme lack of beard. He's clearly gone down in the world.

  8. Man…that…is a badass boat.

    Also, it's gonna take a while to get used to eyeballs Marek.

  9. Can anyone link us to coexist guy's previous appearance?

  10. Now that thar is a guy who *knows* how to ship!

  11. Oh, God, is that Marek? Does he have eyes forever now? It's so sad 🙁

  12. Yeah, so he was pretty much sitting around that beach the whole day, waiting for someone to finally set him up to say that.

  13. perfessormultigeek

    I dunno. Seems to me that climate change guy is being presented as pretty much an intrusive, useless, mansplaining, dick.

    Meredith, as far as I can remember you've never even once built a whole strip to satirize people speaking on any other political issue and now you've twice presented folks on this issue, afaic, as serious assholes who accomplish nothing. This time right in the middle of a time when I'm seeing far more people post and say enraged things about political issues from women in gaming to Fergeson. Is there some unique tribe of "greenspeak" assholes in New York that arose since I left?

    I'm sincerely asking here, what's up with that?

    1. I can\’t remember ever mentioning climate change in another strip. It seemed clear to me that I\’m not actually discussing the issue itself or offering an opinion on it.

    2. I think this is more about growth then anything. Last time this Jackass showed up, he devastated them. This time, he was just as obtrusive, but their attitudes have downgraded him to "meh" tier.

    3. I guess you haven't been following coverage of the militant green swashbucklers marauding port towns from Red Hook to Rikers Island on a pirated Galleon?

      It's not necessary (barely even justifiable imo) to read politics (is octopie even a "political" comic?) into a one-off strip featuring an obvious strawman/throwaway character who shows up once every three years or so.

  14. I like to imagine, based on their reaction to him this time, that this guy shows up every time Eve, Marigold, and Maerk hang out and they're just used to it now.

  15. They don't seem nearly as distraught this time. Also, dat ship doe

    1. Eve's clearly thinking that if he does that to her friends a third time, he wont be able to…


  16. Just sayin’-

    With coast guards + harbor police having motorboats nearby,it’s hard to harass people, and then make a quick getaway on a sailing ship, I think. (Not that mine is a voice-of-experience, of course). : )

  17. As amusing as it is to see That Guy again, I friggin' LOVE that ship. Wow. Just….damn.

  18. Is it just me or is Marek starting to look a little like Jack? (From The Guild of the Ristretto)

    As always, fantastic comic.

  19. Can we just call him "NPR guy" please?
    I feel like we haven't seen the last of him

  20. It's like Pat jumped outta Achewood.

  21. This is absolutely perfect.

  22. As I read this, I imagined him panting harshly as he ran off and rowed with great vigor to his ship. Try it, it makes the panels a little funnier.

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