#692 + 693 – you are so dead

Wow, that's it for July! There were actually 11 pages this month, it turns out. The extra one is a little kiss on the head for you. See you in August!

45 thoughts on “#692 + 693 – you are so dead

  1. NOOOOOO! Fuck first, then ask about his bruises! Gawww! You've ruined the natural order of things!?

  2. Nooooo! Don’t get cock blocked by bruises! Is eve going to remember why she didn’t want to date will?

    1. Nooooooooooooo

    2. That was my initial thought as well. 🙁

  3. Don't ask, just kiss the bruises.

    1. Yes. Yes. Love him and be tender!

  4. OMG :'CCCCC it really breaks my heart how scared Will looks on panel 7, like he is saying "No please don't hate this, don't hate meeeee" :'cccccccccccccccc

  5. I didn't realize you were into body paint- oh.

  6. Please make this OK please please gaaahhhh.

  7. Annnnd cue the “oh yeah, I really like Will but he’s a shady drug dealer and I hate that” moment.

    Will, those guys who beat the crap out of you also future cock-blocked you.


  8. "Eve…. I have a confession. I am secretly a banana"

  9. oh no, oh no, don't make me cry with this, please don't, oh no

  10. Yes, these are just regular bruises that I got from… an accident… when I was… DEALING DRUGS no wait shit do over

  11. Damn you, bros! DAMN YOUUUUUU

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO So distressed rn

  13. Eve's face in panel three–equal parts "come hither" and "you ain't the boss of me"–is kind've wonderful.

  14. that look on Will's face in the 7th panel…

  15. it's okay man bruises are hot

  16. I love how bipolar this storyline is. Every shift in tone is handled perfectly. Probably my favorite story now after the one where Eve jumps off a roof.

  17. Panel 7 & 8. Oh god. *swoons*

  18. Also, If anyone can comment on the right-side justification of the page, mine seems to be normal all of a sudden?

    1. Looks fine over here as well now.

    2. I fixed it this week. Glad it’s working!

  19. Powerful panels here. #6 in particular. It seems like they both want this.. and on the surface it seems casual. But he knows if they're going to keep it casual, he's gonna have to hide those scars. So anyway *breaks down sobbing*

  20. Oh no oh no oh no ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. D :

  21. … Maybe Will has a full chest tattoo of Olly's Organix mascot Doggy-Phil?

    Probably not.

  22. From "fuck me" eyes to "what the fuck" eyes in mere seconds…

  23. rational response: ahhh wow. anything could happen. From this page i feel like maybe Eve's *not* serious enough about it? Like, her not taking things seriously enough could hurt Will this time around, as opposed to her taking things too seriously? heh. They're so cute together though. I hope this ends in increased intimacy rather than that bluh feeling of disappointed reality. :[


  24. Head bro was like "Leave his face, I like him pretty."

  25. Welp! So much for that – 10/10 for ship trolling.

  26. Uggghh, what about Aimee?…

    1. They're not, and were never an exclusive couple – Will's free to do whatever he wants while Aimee is out of town.

      1. No, but since he and Aimee have actual emotional attachments to one another, hooking up with someone where mutual unresolved feelings are involved is … imprudent.

    2. It was explained last year that Will and Aimee are only together when she visits the city from Ithaca http://www.octopuspie.com/2013-03-27/592-an-unwri

  27. And scene.
    Gran, you have done wonders with this page.

  28. As soon as I'm financially secure I want to start being a patron, your work has kept me entertained for almost three years now and I am just so impressed by the way you tell a story and make me feel things about these characters.

  29. There are no words for how amazing this scene is in particular.

    Everything else has been great, perfect pacing an' all, but this one gives me chills.


  30. Just had a thought, though probably obvious: for the entire arc, Eve's seemed kind of flippant about the whole thing. At first I thought she was just chasing Will because she needed some tail, but I thought, maybe this is a direct result of Hanna and Marek breaking up. She saw Hanna unwilling to compromise and the heart break it gave her (not saying that Hanna SHOULD have compromised, mind you) and Eve might have thought, we'll, what is a little drug dealing in the grand scheme of things? So it makes me think she won't be running away in the next page, and maybe she'll stay, and this might actually be the start of something. Though who knows if it will actually last?

    1. Basically, this. Eve kissing Will is her going "I'm okay with it".

  31. maybe this is where will promises to stop dealing weed, you guys

    maybe everything is going to turn out ok

  32. If Eve has really gone through a change since her first reaction to Will's dealing:

    (holy shit SEVEN years ago??), she'll react differently. This really is the final test though, face to face with Will's lifestyle. This damn tension!!

    As an aside, (on top of stating the obvious) it's insane to see the evolution in art style from the early days: http://www.octopuspie.com/2007-08-06/030-controll

  33. it's not even bruises y'all. will has at least five visible nipples.

  34. I want this entire chapter made into wallpaper so I can line my bedroom walls with it.

  35. Man, I felt that last panel so hard. Will trying really hard to not let his crime affect him, trying to keep up a shield, trying to hide his vulnerabilities, but darn if his feelings for her didn't open up his bruises and insecurities to her.

    And all those bruises he hid from her, and being able to see them, really reopened Eve's eyes to who he truly is and what's going on between them; it brought her back down from earth, where Will isn't just another guy she can fool around with for another night, a guy she [made love to] and doesn't even like. She's too close to him for anything like that.

    I love this so much.

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