#676 – dearest will

Hey all! I'm up in the Catskills. I've got some comic pencils on the docket that I'll be posting later this week!

19 thoughts on “#676 – dearest will

  1. Larry has fallen prey to a chica from coasta Rica!

  2. Now I kind of want to see how Larry writes his grocery lists!

  3. p.p.s….on the couch.

    1. EXACTLY what I scrolled down here to write!

    2. I laughed so hard seeing this that my stomach started hurting! ?

  4. I suddenly love Larry.

  5. Larry reminds me of the Beats, if they weren't so annoying and prone to, like, tricking women into giving them soup. Ok, maybe that's just Kerouac and… whoever Dean Moriarty was based off. Ok, Wikipedia says Neil Cassady, but I'm leaving that part in to prove that I'm an idiot.

    In conclusion, Will's expressions in this one are wunnerful.


  7. Thanks for the clarification, Larry.

  8. Larry sounds like a classy dude. Have we seen him before? I can’t remember.

    1. Darn right, we've seen Larry before; he & Will are "placebros," going waaaaay back. http://www.octopuspie.com/2010-09-06/392-placebro

  9. I believe poor Will just had a "situation wanting for spiritual advisement" That note foretold the future. 🙁

  10. I like that Larry lit the note so Will would be sure to find it. Class act.

    1. aalso visually pleasing bc it shows the underlying light vs dark of their arcs

  11. Meredith, you write about the intricacies of relationships so well, from this bro relationship to the strong bond between Hannah and Even to the envious competition between friends and of course about our generation's romantics wafflings. I'm so glad I found this comic all those years ago.

  12. ha! two hyphens instead of an em dash.

    Oh Larry, you card.

  13. As a girl from Costa Rica, I'll surely be on the lookout for Larry 😉

  14. The last panel is me every night, lol.

    1. He looks pretty happy to have the place to himself.

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