#674 – like basically a hero

I had a few plots in mind from this page alone that I never really got to. In my mental canon (I guess that's what you call an unfulfilled story?) Will was meant to have a sister from whom, along with a lot of other family, he was estranged. He quickly scrolls past her number with all this in mind. This comes up only near the end of the series when Will is being playfully confessional with Eve. On top of that I think I saw a possible future where we meet Will's boss, who Aimee gives a name. But I didn't see the point of him being a character - he's an invisible entity Will depends on, that eventually he won't.

4 thoughts on “#674 – like basically a hero

  1. I always wondered what's going through his head here. He's clearly reaching out to Aimee for something he needs, but just isn't getting, through no fault of her own. Is it the distance? Is it just her that he doesn't feel content with anymore? Is it his crush on Eve that won't go away? I've had that feeling and I couldn't pin it down myself either.

    1. He calls her and she says all the perfect things he has always wanted to hear from a woman and realizes how empty those things are. Anyone who gave a shit about him would say "Why the fuck are you getting into fights with college kids? Isn't it time to quit this?"

      IMO: Aimee was hypothetically his dream girl. Will and Eve had a deep friendship causing their attraction, but she was never going to date a drug dealer. He then jumped into a relationship with Mar who was everything Eve wasn't: cool with his job, romanticized him/his life, and found his scumbag traits charming or "fixable". The fact they were in the same friend group seemed to signal to him that this would be perfect (and its kinda hinted that Hanna pushed it as well). But Mar wanted commitment that would require him to get serious, which he wasn't going to do. So when he reunites with Aimee, who seems to love him as he is and doesn't want monogamy, this should work! He can do whatever he wants most of the time (bc she's gone!) and he can conceal all the actual problems from her. He always seems to gravitate toward Eve before and after his breakups- because he actually wants to do the work a relationship with Eve would require.

  2. Was that Will's sister in the wallet photo on the previous page? You can only see the top of her head, but it's not Aimee and I can't think of who else it would be.

  3. I always thought that it’s just that you think you want someone to tell you you’re right and everyone else is wrong (and in this case it’s even true!), but it never helps like you want it to.

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