#672 – real graceful

It's very hard for me to remember which accessories a character is carrying, so of course it helps if they have a utility, and I think that was the idea with Will falling on his backpack. I don't have much else to say about this page apart from it gives me a bad feeling, to see a character normally in a heroic role being made so small, not by misfortune but by the way they've chosen to live.

2 thoughts on “#672 – real graceful

  1. Panel 4: Hoping the same shoddy fire escape Will had break on him would collapse under the collected weight.

  2. does it invoke aforementioned bad feeling? yes. does it also do so by way of thoughtful composition, using dynamic focal points to guide the reader's eye through a series of escalatory sequences, which do get progressively worse for the hero, but in a way that rings true for the world you developed and this story's tone as a whole? absolutely. i think the amount of thought you put into each page is evident in ones like this, where the story moves forward efficiently and energetically as par for the course!

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