#669 + 670 – a life on rails

This is a pretty obvious homage to social media idpol culture, the artifice of getting into any sort of discussion about authenticity, and the need to center oneself whether you have anything to say or not. It was well-received at the time. This culture is still fully on display, though there has been some pushback lately. It almost seems like a generation will be defined negatively by their continued use of this language, long after it has lost its vitality or any meaning at all.

4 thoughts on “#669 + 670 – a life on rails

  1. As a black dude, I remember chuckling incessantly at this the first time I read it.

  2. I own these pages and I love this scene. As far as I am concerned it is timeless. This situation still happens all over social media where people get into a "real-off" where no one is listening to each other and everyone thinks they have the correct perspective on society or life…

    AAAAND just when you don't think you can read anymore comments, suddenly a white guy comes in and says, "WHOA, YOU'RE ALL WRONG. HERE IS MY WHITE, CISGENDER OPINION!!! I AM PART OF THIS DISCUSSION TOO; MY VIEW IS VALID!" Then everyone dogpiles on him and it starts all over again. Your ability to capture slices of life is amazing and it's why I appreciate OP so very much!

  3. I can be missing something but I see perhaps two persons in the background who don't fulfill the definition of "white dude".

  4. White working class is a separate identity.

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