#661 – raf raf raf

20 thoughts on “#661 – raf raf raf

  1. ai weiwei stores his extra art supplies there, apparently

  2. You can tell exactly what Will's face looks like in the last panel without even seeing it.

  3. We're up to like four reasons to leave this place.

  4. Gosh, captured the worked-up dog face so well.

    1. I was thinking; "Oh my God! That's a dog right out of a Gahan Wilson comic!"

      Look him up, I can't help it if I'm old!

  5. I love how the new arc continues this comic's tradition of expressing the Brooklyn apartment aesthetic with brutal accuracy. The tiny berserker dog and the heap of bikes is perfect!

    1. are all brooklyn apartments this dangerous

      1. this page perfectly describes 4 out of 7 brooklyn apartment buildings i regularly spend time in

    2. That is not a tiny dog.

  6. pffff Hannibal

    1. Nothing says "Safe family pet" like 'Hannibal'.

  7. "To the UPS guy*,

    See see see, you need to take seven steps back
    Go to three not three, to find the clue you lack

    – DCLXI

    *guy=gender-neutral. Am not a sexist quest giver."

  8. Oh man, those kind of dog owners are the worst. But that dog is adorable (in panel 3, anyway).

    If what I'm think is happening IS happening, things are about to come full circle up in this bad boy!!

  9. Neither stairs, nor Pits, nor bike dumps shall keep Will from his appointed rounds.

  10. Bad Hannibal. Stop harassing Will. ;P

    1. oh God.
      Hannibal made me smirk but I totally didn't make the Will-Hannibal connection XD

  11. Dat dog 😀

    Also, fuckin' hipster blockade

  12. are all brooklyn apartments this dangerous

  13. They just stopped caring at the last panel.

  14. Bad Hannibal. Stop harassing Will. ;P

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