#660 – why’re you so serious

New Story time! Let's hang out with Will for a while, yeah?

21 thoughts on “#660 – why’re you so serious

  1. Do you want to know how I got these scars?

    1. heath ledger isn't dead, he just moved to brooklyn


  3. "buzzer is no bueno"

    i'm putting that on mine

  4. "hey you! you tehre with the feelz! cut that shit out lol"

  5. Will! My heart got all trilly and excited as soon as I saw him. Missed you, Will!

  6. this feels familiar

  7. Yeah, okay. Will’s pretty cool.

  8. Uhg…loud music and the intoxicated. Burn it to the ground, Will. The rest of the story can be about the firefighters.

  9. Will! Awesome! I missed Will.

  10. Just FYI: the "Latest Storyline" link points to #618.

    1. Yeah I noticed that too.

  11. Totally got a Will sketch in my book. Exciting stuff.

    1. Nice! Got a Will sketch for the last book, so I figured it was Marek time.

  12. Super nice backgrounds on this page!

  13. Will's serious because he's about to make a serious deal.

  14. As a comic artist myself, I imagine this page must have been super rewarding to finish drawing. All those fucking LINES.

  15. I love Will!

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