#641 – i said sorry please move

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    1. What an introduction, though.

  2. heheh, eve's the cutest.

  3. I think that Marek's now-visible eyes are are symbol of Eve's eye opening moment: the moment where she talked to Marek, + Marek sorta told her that Marek + Hanna DIDN'T have all of life figured out, + those 2 didn't have all of the answers to how to keep your boyfriends + girlfriends happy.

  4. "They should really meet me."
    Um…are we sure this is how it works?

  5. As a Fordham grad, I will confirm that while graduation remains boring, crowded, and way too long, it is actually outside on the lawn w/folding chairs – no padded seats for us! (Also lol at idea of TV screens/projectors – all tuition money goes into making said lawn look nice.)

    And Panel 5 Eve is super adorbz.

    1. hah, you got me.

      1. The weird thing is that I went to Fordham when I started reading OP, and now I'm in that weird sort of post-graduation adulty place, living in Brooklyn, while the comic goes back to my school. Circle of life.

        1. As another Fordham grad (Happy that the school gets a shoutout in OP), I WISH our graduations were as cushy as that.

  6. At the start of OP, I really related to Eve and thought Hanna was a bit annoying. Lately, Eve has been acting like an insufferable b-word, but Hanna is like looking in a mirror. I guess it shows how well written and subtle the character arcs in the comic are that I can't even tell when they switched in my head.

  7. She really has been a bit full of herself before her feet even hit the floor. That can't bode well.

  8. Yeah…I don't get Eve in this comic @_@

    also, kinda annoyed that she STILL hasn't clued in that Hannah is maybe not the happiest camper right now and SHE SHOULD ASK WHY. argh.

    1. I'm also half-laughing and half-cringing at Eve's cluelessness. If Marek's parents would want to meet anyone, it's Hanna (if they have not already). Eve is thinking about only herself, and Hannah is just stewing. And in the middle of the ceremony? No, Eve. There will be the usual meet and greet afterwards. Not that I have not also had my own moments of awkward enthusiasm. D'oh!

  9. What did we do before iPhones in moments of awkwardness?

  10. I can't be the only one who sees Marek's dad as Gregory Peck.

    That handsome, handsome man.

  11. Oh no, more cute parents! <3

  12. the artistic development of this comic makes me so happy ! the expressions are relatable, characters relatable. I agree that the subtle changes in characters over time is a stroke of psychological genius. very interested to see where this arch leads…

  13. really enjoy the inclusion of annoyed kid with tablet in panel 4

  14. I thought Eve was taking pictures of them at first, then I realised she was just chickening out.

  15. Apparently tiny eyes are passed down through the male line in Marek's family.

  16. I really like the comics and will contribute some money next week. I just sent the link to some of my friends, I'm sure they will love the site as well.

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