#629 – demoralized

Haha maybe the first panel is a little mean to Marek? Like taking advantage of his sincerity a bit. I'm pretty sure this convo was partly inspired by my competitive weight training. Around this time I got a pep talk from my lifting coach Paulie about feeling demoralized right before a breakthrough. So maybe this comic was about watching my social groups shift, or maybe it was about wishing I could beef up my 1-rep squat max.

3 thoughts on “#629 – demoralized

  1. You notice things when the pages come out closer. Last time I missed that Marek was panicking because Eve had said 'I'm beginning to see the cracks' out loud.

    1. That could be a scary thing to hear sitting on the edge of a cliff…

  2. I think Marek was looking for cracks in reality.

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