#621 – kewl

Guys SPX was so amazing! I had a real whale of a time. Did you know the next show I'll be at is New York Comic Con? No, because I haven't talked about it yet! More on that soon.

35 thoughts on “#621 – kewl

  1. "We're just building little nests in the ruins of our parents' dreams."


    1. Eduardo Mangiarotti

      This is still one of my favourite quotes ever.

  2. Ooo! Rear view mirror charm = a picture of The Dog? <3

  3. Love it! Panel 6 makes me feel really good… glad that Eve is happy and has a way to relax (though I expect not everything will be smooth sailing… it is a webcomic storyline after all!)

    Here’s hoping Hanna also gets a chance to relax.

  4. I'm gonna assume the "Game of Thrones" song is the same one I'm familiar with which is a bunch of drunk guys chanting "GAME. OF. THRONES. GAME. OF. THRONES."

    Hannah is in the crustiest mood, wow.

  5. Hanna in a 'Hannibal' bite mask. Hadn't considered it before but it's obvious now.

  6. I feel like an idiot, considering I've read every strip of this comic, but I seem to have the dumb today — who's the guy in the backseat (getting bit by Hanna)? That's not Sean, is it???? c'mon brain

    1. It's sean! he cut his hair back in 'You don't need anything'

    2. Nah, you're right the first time! ^_^ It's Sean, he got a fierce new haircut a couple of storylines back.

    3. That sure looks like Puget Sean, since he got his hair cut.

    4. good call. who is he?
      he is in last comic carrying stuff

      1. It's Sean. He got a haircut back in the storyline where Mar threw up on Will's dick. Here's the first haircut appearance: :http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-12-24/569-finally-you-materialized/

      2. Isn't he Larry? Larry with a haircut??

      3. Of course is Sean. He had a hair cut… remember? Now his ears are freezing… http://www.octopuspie.com/2012-12-24/569-finally-

    5. post-makeover Puget Sean I fathom.

    6. Pretty sure it's Sean.

    7. It is Pudget Sean, he cut his hair, remember?

    8. In my head I have trouble keeping Larry and Puget Sean apart. But I went back in the archives… it does look like Sean! Is it?? Are he and Marigold hanging out again? Ergh… might need recap by some dedicated archive-reader… or a hint from the artist!

    9. I'm pretty sure it's Sean. He got a haircut in Marigold's story arc. Also, he seems to be less of an annoying douche now.

    10. I thought it was Sean.

  7. I hope the name of this arc is "Eve Ning Gets it Together"

  8. hehehheeheh kewl. god. so good!

  9. Eve in the last panel = Funny.

  10. it's kinda hard to tell. is Hannah in a car seat?

  11. "Hanna bit me and said 'fuck'!" Yeah, we all have those friends.

  12. There's surprisingly less awkwardness between Marigold & Sean than I had thought there would be.

  13. I sincerely hope this will be a lovely and nice and happy story arc in which nothing goes wrong and I won't have to be sad.

    I also hope they're singing "Bear and maiden fair" instead of the theme song. That'd be pretty kewl.

  14. Hahaha, Eve is the chill dad who isn't all "I'll turn this van around!"


  16. Haha. this is funny…Eve and Hanna have kind of switched roles in the last few story arcs. Eve is being more chill and Hanna is being more grumpy. (Though Eve's chillness is in a kind of 'i'm not sure what's going on/desperate' way that doesn't really bode well, it is true) I'm not sure what this says about their characters in general. Hmm.

  17. Hah, it's gonna be kids in the backseat and parents up front for this journey

  18. "Eeeeeve, are you listening? Hanna bit meee!"

    "Lol yeah, I heard you."

    "It's not funnyyyyy! Can I get a hard cider box?"

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