#616 – just for a second

This to me is the sadder page of the two. We see again that Eve doesn't respect what Clark does, not really, though she finds common ground with his frustration. There's a reason their lives went in different directions, and she sees that. Despite everything, she's still looking for a true moment of connection with him, because he's here and naked and vulnerable, and that's as good a reason as any to ask for one. When she tells him to lay down she instantly looks bored and distracted, like her question has been answered. I'm not sure how clear it is (meant to be clarified in the following page), but Clark asks the question about what she's thinking.

4 thoughts on “#616 – just for a second

  1. man every comic in this arc makes me want to write a dozen paragraphs about how honestly sex is portrayed in this comic but right now i'm just struck by how perfect that second panel is

  2. Oh I always thought Eve was the one who asked the question.

  3. I think more than anything Clark is just kind of sad. He clearly has this dream of writing something profound and powerful but has spent his life tip-toeing around people with power to get where he is, leaving him without any real context to speak to the pain, confusion, warmth, and absurdity of the "youth culture" he's trying to capture. He's sad, but he doesn't know how to challenge what's making him sad. And he's also young, hot, and successful so people don't think he should be sad and HE doesn't think he should be sad so he can't talk about it or work through it or anything and it's all just sort of pitiful. Which is a bummer but that 401k and health care must be a comfort at least.

  4. Clark's struggle seems to tie directly to what Jane was talking about earlier. No wonder Eve looks so bummed.

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