#615 – it gets hot in here

Haha this one is so dirty to me - the combination of an actual penetrative moment, the heat, and the fact that he's fully nude while Eve is dressed. Not a good kind of dirty though, a bleak one, like a sink full of dishes you're too sad to clean, a funk that further depresses an already sad state. The sex ends up being neither hot nor loving, their bodies are in two separate places. It's almost a relief for Eve to go back to a modest pose while Clark beams his work back into his face.

3 thoughts on “#615 – it gets hot in here

  1. Oh, the stank of it.

  2. "A sink full of dishes you're too sad to clean"— that's the premise of the 2013 Christmas Special isn't it? https://vimeo.com/82682824

  3. God I know this real-life moment very well 🙁 I always loved this page, very evocative of the desire, frustration, and awkwardness of these kind of encounters.

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