#597 – that’s not what you are

I feel like every character in OP eventually breaks from their regular speech to get poetic. I just liked doing this, haha. We almost lose Marek for a second here. But I think he's recentered by expressing his hurt feelings. It may be most painful for Marek to be misunderstood, or have his intentions oversimplified.

5 thoughts on “#597 – that’s not what you are

  1. Man, I forgot how emotional this page used to make me feel when I read it.

  2. Mareeeek ;_____; Oh gosh, he's one of my favorite characters and this makes me tear up.

  3. Guaranteed to tear up at this one, every time.

  4. When living as a foreigner, being misunderstood is a constant fear. It makes sense that Marek would be sensitive to it, particularly with his most important relationship.

  5. This one made me cry when it came out because it mirrored so perfectly was I was living at the time, seeing the inevitable end of a relationship coming, for things out of our control.

    Almost 10 years later, it still makes me tear up.

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