#586 – krrsssshh

Here is a new page brought to you once again with colors by Lacey Micallef! Things are heating up!!! Guys I am in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con, starting TODAY! I hope to see some of you there!

36 thoughts on “#586 – krrsssshh

  1. Dang. Either Hanna broke through the fourth wall or the weed she got from Will was better than she thought

  2. No Hanna, don't bash into solid objects!

    Remember what happened to your butt!


  3. This is reminds so much of the subspace levels of the Scott Pilgrim videogame.

    1. Came here for this; was not disappointed.

  4. I see a piece on Matisse
    Take three steps back
    Take a long run up
    And I jump at it!

    YUSSSSSS this is my dreams made into comicsss

  5. …so it seems that Will actually sold Hannah some really good stuff. That girl is high as fuck right now.

  6. oh god. shes going to be drooling on the floor and the museum security is just going to see a tattered, irreplaceable masterpiece scattered around her.

  7. 🙁 aww hanna, she is going to get kicked out of the museum

    1. She, and her children, and her children's children, and her children's children's children.

      Her file will actually say this.

  8. ….and the old Dr. Who theme plays in my head.

    I wonder how the print version of this comic will work. "One (1) Brownie with Every Book!"

  9. Yessssssssssssssssssss!

  10. Are you sure that was weed in those brownies, Hanna?

    1. Yeah, this isn't exactly reminiscent of a weed high. Will, he done goofed.

  11. Dang it guys, the twist at the end probably was going to be the brownies but now that you all guessed that Meredith has to change it to something else.

  12. +1000 for Meredith and her art, -100 for Hannah and her crazy dope-fuelled antics. Not only she's getting banned from the museum for life, she'll never finish paying for that painting she just smashed into 🙁

    Seriously, Meredith, I'm loving your art more and more, and I'm loving this page to pieces. It makes me wish there was an OP animated show *w*

  13. Oh my. She's gonna end up in the back of a police car.


  15. Someone just entered Narnia!

  16. i appreciate hannas face in panel 2 very much there's the wind up then just, "shit, im going for this"

  17. Panel 2…her face…so good.

  18. Oh wow! I think Hanna's busted into [1980s, Atari 2600 game] land!

    Cool comic!

    I can't wait to see what she does next.

  19. After the last panel I imagined go karts zipping by her. Rainbow Road!!!

  20. LSD brownies, yum.

  21. maybe hannah is about to go into trickster mode?

    1. Do you mean trichster? As in, pulling her hair out? Hannah’s trichotillomania was VAGUELY touched upon awhile back, but it would be very interesting to see that develop further. (this is coming from a person that has trichotillomania… so I’m a bit biased).

  22. Yanno, these animations are really driving this into "best webcomic" territory.

  23. This is so beautiful. Thank you for making beautiful things for me to stare at, Meredith & Lacey!

  24. I've tripped out like this. When staring at gravel turns into free-falling onto teeny tiny mountains, it's… fucking terrifying. Good luck, Hannah.

  25. I'm all for throwing one's self into one's art, but that's just ridiculous!

  26. I think she ruined a valuable piece of art.

  27. Jumping into paintings… OMG HANNAH IS PULLING A MARY POPPINS.

  28. Snap back to reality, Hanna is neck-deep in drywall, wriggling spasmodically.

  29. Maybe this is simply her reaction to the piece rather than some high.

  30. Wow. Just… wow.

  31. I see just a tad of Powerpuff Girls for inspiration in the rainbow jump there.

  32. somebody has been listening to a lot of art brut

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