#585 – aaah

Our hope with this sequence was to ease people into the colors and images gradually. In the original descriptions I suggested Lacey had worked on the "colors" and not much else. I tried really hard to be low-key when I had something like this in mind. I know internet readers are fully exhausted from being promised "cool stuff in the works" and really wanted to understate things. But secretly I was quaking with excitement!

4 thoughts on “#585 – aaah

    1. Oh, I thought this was spam cos of the weird link, but it looks like you're just trying to share the Arthur fist meme image, which fits with this comic

      1. Arthur Fist was my first thought too, which is a good encapsulation of how the internet has ruined my brain.

      2. Hilarious! I thought it was spam too.

        Very cute share.

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