#584 – purpley thing

This and the next few pages were a collab with my dear friend Lacey Micallef, who would later found Big Bud Press and do all kinds of things that amaze me and get me emotional to think about. I would send Lacey the fully-inked pages and she would work inside them. I'm still enormously proud of these pages and how seamlessly everything came together.

6 thoughts on “#584 – purpley thing

  1. I found octopus pie because of these pages. Some other webcomic artists were raving about how cool they were and linked them.

    It’s so weird in retrospect, I kinda consider this the big middle of the comic in my head. Almost the beginning of the beginning of the end. It all just cascades very well together.

  2. Hannah is officially tripping balls now.

  3. It was the coolest collab I'd seen in years!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on Big Bud Press! Cool stuff

  5. International Klein Blue does that to you. They eventually had to put glass over the canvass.

  6. holy shit I love Big Bud Press! it’s absolutely crazy to see where people are before their next thing. wow.

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