#578 – dude don’t even

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  1. It feels like if Hanna was breaking the 4th wall at the last panel.

  2. My god, it's like Hanna has accusations towards me with that staring going on in the last panel. I don't know what I did, but I'm hecka sorry.

  3. Man, that's a high counter.

    1. Very high counter .., I wonder if it's based on an actual place.. ?

    2. The better for the baristas to look down their noses at the unworthy masses – I mean, the customers.

    3. All I can think of is the Andy Kaufman talk show host with the giant-ass desk

  4. I really like Hanna's coat and jacket combo, just sayin.

  5. Yay, more familiar faces!

  6. Hannah is da bes.
    I like how you've been drawing the peeps lately.

  7. I'm so bad at following plots. When did Hanna become a workaholic? Has she always been?

    1. yeah basically. or we're just being introduced to that notion in a solid way.

      on a related note, i love incomplete narrative. this comic does it really well.

    2. I think it was probably a natural progression that brought her to this state. She started out as a care-free stoner who created a small business that would be compatible with her lifestyle. Then, as her friends began to get older and cut back on their lazy weed time, Hanna filled the void they left by throwing herself deeper into her work.

      Flash forward to the present: almost none of Hanna's friends share her lifestyle and her life is almost entirely centered around her bakery business. That's why this arc started with Hanna trying to find a friend to get high with, but finding them all too busy with adult shit to join her. They've moved on. Her friends have the boring lifestyles of adults now, and all Hanna really has left to do is her business.

      I think this is actually a pretty poignant arc. I think everyone has a friend like Hanna when they're growing up. A lot of people like her wind up leaving their aging social circles for younger crowds. It'll be interesting to see how Hanna deals with her dilemma.

    3. I'd noticed this years ago. In a comic where practically every character is stuck in some dead-end retail or service job, wacky stoner Hanna is…a hard-driving, successful small business owner with resellers and business contacts all over the city. As far back as the RenFaire arc she was aggressively looking for new markets.

      She wasn't always putting quite so much time into it, but she's always been the most responsible and businesslike one in the whole crew. Which is SUPER WEIRD.

      1. And when Marick is participating in Occupy Wall Street, Hanna has nothing but contempt for the protestors, considering them lazy and whiny.

  8. Yikes, Hanna's getting desperate.

  9. Wait, so Hannah's getting a job with a coffeeshop? Did we hear about this before?

    Also, how do people listen to podcasts while working? I can't even listen to music with lyrics without doubling the time it takes me to finish something.

    1. More likely that she's just becoming their cupcake supplier and not a 9 to 5 worker there. Just like how she supplies baked goods to Olly's Organics.

      Thus they had a meeting arranged (probably to go over what they need made and how much) and not an intervier

  10. Is it the same insane number as me?

  11. should I keep staring into Hanna's eyes


  13. Poor hanna… 🙁 She used to be so sweet and carefree

  14. Don is better at punches than at managing lines.

  15. I too listen to a lot of podcasts.

  16. Return of the Guild! 😀 Are they discussing Downton Abbey in the first panel?

    I'm enjoying the running theme of Hanna being tiny (and the "aw" reaction to her podcasts comment -aw, podcasts? Tell us, what's it like to be you??)

  17. You go Hanna, Podcasts are culture,RadioLab is life!

  18. Seriously, I don't know what to do with myself when I get a week off.

    1. Are you a stoner? You could hang around with Hanna. ^^

  19. Well do you, reader? DO YOU!?

  20. I listen to kevin Smith podcasts everyday, therefore I am the most cultured being on the planet!!

  21. Hahaha! I just noticed all the pissed-off customers in the last panel, waiting for their coffee while the baristas chat about life. 😀

    I worked in a coffeehouse in NOLA for 5 years, so this brings back happy memories for me.

    1. I work in a Carvel and I pride myself in doing the exact opposite of that. CUSTOMER FLOW IS IMPORTANT, Y'ALL.

  22. I love how these counters are so high. I'm sure there's some kind of metaphor in this somewhere, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out…

  23. Of course Hanna is a podcastholic.

  24. You ever feel like the HBO show Girls is ripping off Octopus Pie? I do. And I love it because now I have two awesome shows to watch. This one and the HBO one.

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