#569 – finally you materialized

Haha there's a lot going on here. Sean being critical of Mar for buying a loosie is kind of a classic pining nice guy move to me. He's really trying to be everything to her - at least everything he has the power to be - protective, agreeable, engaged. And Mar has a way of indulging it, because she needs Sean and he's still there in the capacity he used to be, even though it's not enough for him. Wow, it's sad!

2 thoughts on “#569 – finally you materialized

  1. And Mar just @#$%ed Will (never mind the towel thing) and Sean has no idea. I think? Maybe he knows where she went. Either way that's the saddest bit to me when it's on top of all the rest of this.

  2. The old-as-time story of a nice girl using a nice guy for emotional comfort because he's available because he thinks being available is what she wants from a man, but in reality that's what she needs from a friend but in absence of which, a clueless suitor would do.

    Mutually use and be used and neither realizes that if they were honest with each other maybe they'd find a true friend to help stave loneliness off and to support each other in making themselves the best version of themselves for an eventual partner.

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