#56 + 57 – is he?

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  1. Gods, I’m glad I never stop checking on this comic.
    It’s surreal when the trajectory of characters roughly your own age run parallel to your own. I remember giving a speech similar to Hanna’s at my own friend’s wedding — snark at what was left behind; pathos for what is to come. Friendships fracture, then mend; people who were like family fade into strangers, and are never seen again. Life leads to funny places, doesn’t it? One wonders where these characters will be in another five years, or ten.
    I suppose I’ll have to keep refreshing the page to find out.
    (Also, Tom is a great name. Excellent choice.)

    1. Eve Ning, Mor Ning, Dawn Ning, and now Tomorrow? I guess there’s even a Mt. Tom

  2. Thank you for making more of these. These comics mean a lot to me and other people.

  3. Ho lee shit. thank you for this. just incredible

  4. This really feels like our generation right now. I love that no one really resolves…anything! But they learned something about themselves, and that’s enough for now. Mar and Jane didn’t come to an understanding, Eve and Will’s troubles certainly don’t end with terrible 2’s, do they?

    Being in your 30’s is a weird bargain, because you finally learn what the world is about, and then you realize that everything kinda sucks. It can be good, but it kinda sucks. What more can we do, but be there for the next generation, do our best, and press onward?

    This is the voice that I appreciate you representing. Thank you for this comic.

    1. lilies of the valley

      I’m just confused by the assertion that it takes THREE DECADES to realize the world sucks. Why? That’s really not true, is it? I just don’t get it. I like your comment, even though I don’t agree with it. It’s well-written.

  5. Just when you think Octopus pie is part of your past, it meets you in the present – much like everyone at these reunions.
    I needed this today, more than I knew.

    Thank you Meredith.

  6. This was amazing. I’ll second all the other comments already made on this reflection of life in our 30s, and add that you’ll always be my favorite comic author. There’s so much to love, and thank you for adding so many layers of depth with this and the last update. Your insightful storytelling and this world are deeply appreciated.

  7. Thank you so much! I just looked over the side of my bed to make sure my 3 month old is still breathing. You got that part dead on. And the rest of it too…

  8. The update we all needed. these beautifully candid moments of tragedy, conflict, drama and comedy, entwined like vines on the wall, marking the branching paths life takes us on. this is some of the best writing I’ve ever encountered, in any medium. and yes, it feels like this is part of my life now, in a way that most media I consume are not.

    Thanks for everything Meredith.

  9. As someone who’s done this very thing on the last page in recent memory, too real! (and also the baby monitor wedding – I attended a wedding when my first was 4-5 months old and just Could Not Relax, constantly afraid I was neglecting her!) I find myself happiest for Mar in this story – the march of time and its very real implications for how much time you get with offspring – if you manage to get offspring at all! – it’s a cruel one indeed, and I’m happy they were able to resolve to move forward with trying to have kids. I had the opposite scenario, being with someone just 9 months who agreed with me that time was running short for us if we wanted children together, and now having waited 5 years to have a second one, I do find myself wishing we’d had more time just the two of us to enjoy life and forge a foundation for our family, before bringing kids in. We are still devoted, supportive partners, but we’ve felt for years that we simply never have enough time for one another – much as Will and Eve trying to get moments for themselves and one another in the wake of new parenthood.

  10. Thank you for posting this story.
    Octopus Pie is one of my favourite webcomics. I love how pages can be as long or short as required. So many welcomics are stuck in a little rectangle like a newspaper strip whilst OP keeps on going and going.

    I have just reread everything. It made me miss being young and single in NYC. I could really relate to the pandemic series and recollect meeting up with friends who have all moved on.
    Thank you

  11. Is this the end of the story?

    1. It goes on forever.

  12. Ooh, maybe another baby is on the way (those crazy kids)

    But it is really nice seeing how much love fictional characters can convey and see that love change and grow over time

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