#558 – be the dignified one

I'm happy with the timing in this one - the gags read like a classic (if longform) newspaper strip.

8 thoughts on “#558 – be the dignified one

  1. Reading bar arcs in OP always makes me want to go to one.

    1. reminds me of union pool to be honest.

  2. yes. gag. where is it, exactly? no but seriously, you are not funny gran and never have been, stop trying for comedy and focus on what you do best: writing about yourself under various guises and feet.

    1. yeah you like the feet, huh

      1. Don't underestimate how many of us are here for the feet <3

        1. don't worry, you're cool

    2. Man, you just couldn't be more wrong. I'm always impressed by how sharp the writing is in OP. The strangest thing for me is that I've been (re)reading OP since the Octopus Die arc; even though I just cannot relate to the characters or their situations, I keep coming back. So many web comics seem amateurish by comparison, even when the artwork is really good. I haven't found a better written web comic than OP.

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