#538 – union station

So we begin the shift. I chose to explore the potential of vertical pages seemingly on a whim (though we've seen all the limitations of the wide format throughout this reread!), and people still ask me about it. Octopus Pie will likely never be collected in one handsome box because of this. My agent was mad at me. But I felt it was something I needed to do. I was in a low place, much of my time was taken up doing freelance work, and I needed OP to do something more for me. It took the hit to save us both.

2 thoughts on “#538 – union station

  1. Heh, now I think of it, in many ways, Scott McCloud's dream of the digital comic exploiting the potential of the "infinite canvas" has gone unrealised to a point due to the concerns of printed collections. Good on you for throwing away those shackles! (he says, as he himself mourns that unavailability of an OP box collection)

    1. and, years later, the box set is no longer just an unreachable dream, but a foregone conclusion, an inevitable, soon to be reality

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