#530 – the octopus pie guide to preventing sidewalk shuffle

Kind of a boring one! As the cast grew I was pressed for ways to show them all in a small space. Sean's is still my favorite, and one of those character touches that prevented my one-shots from ever getting any viral traction. I know that subconsciously, that's how I wanted it.

6 thoughts on “#530 – the octopus pie guide to preventing sidewalk shuffle

  1. I'm definitely "The Avoidy"

  2. Tag yourself! I'm the Avoidy.

    1. Superman!

  3. I try to be the Intimidator sometimes, but more often than not I end up being the Intimidated, instead.

  4. I'm the intimidator, mostly by accident (large hairy man, though prone to smiling). Always fun to come up against a 5'2" Warrior…as I gently step to the side, I always think "how did you think that would go if I hadn't moved?"

  5. I’m the intimidator about everywhere else, but…

    In NYC (I rarely go) I notice that people walk as fast as I do or even a bit faster, so I’m something of a “drafter”.

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